The Art Barn

the arts

Corban’s makerspace, the Art Barn, is a creative hub for all types of artistic pursuits. It also houses the media arts photography and film studio, including backdrops and new lighting equipment.

The Barn is open for all students to reserve for projects or events.

To reserve the Barn, contact Student Life.


Our Facilities

The Barn offers five unique spaces to express your creative side. Art, crafts, woodworking, and thoughtful conversations all take place regularly in the Barn.

  • The Design Lab: This main space hosts the bulk of our events, including pop-up classes, arts initiative workshops, and craft guilds. During open table hours, students and staff are encouraged to use this space for personal projects. Media arts students have also been known to use this area for film sets!
  • The Gallery: Located in the hallway between studios, the gallery of the Barn showcases the work of students, staff, and local guests.
  • Studio Rooms: A great place for shooting professional photos and video in front of backdrops and props. Film classes use the studio rooms to create green-screen content, film interviews, and build small sets for film projects. Professional lighting equipment, including LED lights, colored gels, and AlienBees, is available to use, along with 9′ x 36′ paper backdrops in every color to create studio photography and video content.



Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to the projects you can create in the Barn. Some of the things that students have done here include:

  • Producing and directing short films
  • Building themed photography sets
  • Creating custom photo transfers
  • Making Christmas ornaments
  • Creating wood-burnt signs
  • Button making
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Knitting
  • …and more!