Student Life

It’s been said that you learn as much outside the college classroom as you do inside. That’s because your college years are not just a time for education but also a time for adventure.

From the Beach Party to the Spring Formal, outdoor adventures to talent competitions, intramural sports to music ensembles, there is a place for you to be YOU at Corban. When you get involved in student life, you’ll grow not only academically and spiritually but also through the relationships you build.

Students thrive in Corban’s tight-knit Christian community, and there are countless ways to get involved in activities that match your interests.

  • Develop leadership skills as part of SGA (student government).
  • Serve others through ministry opportunities.
  • Create art, craft projects, and visual content in the makerspace at The Barn.
  • Grow in your faith with Bible studies, chapel, and worship nights.
  • Go ice-block sledding on the first day of classes.
  • Get dramatic in Corban Theatre.
  • Join in Corban traditions like the Lumber Games or Battle of the Bands.
  • Participate in bands, orchestras, and choirs—even if you’re not a music major!
  • Hang your hammock in the Klatch for the perfect outdoor study spot.
  • Join in any of Corban’s student clubs that cover interests in music, improv, ministry, hiking, ultimate frisbee, science, cinematography, poetry, and more.
  • Start your own club or initiative! Corban empowers students to pursue projects and activities that God has laid on their hearts.

Student Life Office

At Corban University, we care deeply about your academic development. We also care about your personal development and all that you experience outside the classroom: your character and spiritual growth, your relationships, your physical and mental health, your experience in your residence hall, and your ability to benefit from and contribute to the Corban community.

Our Student Life Office exists to oversee and cultivate the experiences that can turn your academic education into holistic transformation.


Student Life’s mission is “Fostering student learning that results in meaningful growth.” In order to fulfill this mission, we seek to cultivate three key qualities in our students:


When we are curious about something or someone, it shapes us in powerful ways. Because curiosity makes us hungry for knowledge and experience, it influences our relationships, fuels our behaviors, and changes the very trajectory of our lives. Why do we care about students’ curiosity? Because curious men and women are deep, courageous thinkers who are willing to take risks on behalf of the Gospel.


We guide our students toward healthy stewardship of everything God has gifted us, encouraging them to view their bodies, their relationships, and their world as things to be preserved and used for God’s glory. Student Life helps foster a stewardship approach by giving students opportunities to take care of their own minds and bodies. From on-campus counseling resources to Associated Student Body activities and events, Student Life seeks to help students balance work, rest, healing, and recreation.


A citizen is someone who belongs to and participates in a community. Our students are citizens of the Corban community, citizens of Salem, and citizens of the Kingdom of God. Each of those centers of belonging shapes their actions, responsibilities, and relationships. Student Life seeks to provide students with ample opportunities to serve in each of these communities, whether through student-leadership positions on campus or community service opportunities in Salem and surrounding areas.

We believe that the design of programs, environments, and services that cultivate curiosity, stewardship, and citizenship will enable us to meaningfully contribute to the development of students who make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.