Student Leadership Opportunities

If you would like to learn more about specific leadership opportunities on campus, please contact Student Life.

Assistant Programs Coordinator

The Assistant Programs Coordinator reports directly to the Student Programs Coordinator and is responsible for the facilitating of campus activities planned by the Student Activities Board. This person serves as a part of the Student Activities Board as a peer leader, intentional friend, team member, administrative assistant, and event advisor.

Multicultural Resident Assistant

A Multicultural RA is hired and serves alongside RAs on a team in each residence hall area. The MRA provides support to multicultural students attending Corban by extending friendship, leading affinity groups, planning events, and giving space for conversation about multicultural experiences and concerns.

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RAs) serve within the residence hall as peer leaders, intentional friends, team members, administrative assistants, and event planners for a community ranging from 14-33 students each. The primary focus of this position is to provide opportunities for holistic growth, connection, and development through relationship, discipline, and programming.

Student Activities Board Member

The Student Activities Board (SAB) is a student leadership team comprised of sophomores, juniors, and seniors living on campus. Their work behind the scenes provides students with opportunities for meaningful connections, unique experiences, and lasting memories through the events they offer.

Worship Coordinators

Worship Coordinators provide logistical support, leadership, and creative approaches to the worship portion of the chapel program and other unique worship experiences for the Corban community. Ideal students for the role possess a desire to serve, minister, and worship with the Corban community.