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As a mom, athlete, student, and part-time employee, Corban’s online program has allowed me the flexibility needed to work towards my degree while still being able to fulfill other responsibilities. The best part is having two 8-week sessions that split up my courses, so that I am essentially only balancing 6-9 credits at a time, which is totally doable. As someone who didn’t think it would be possible to go back to school, I have found Corban’s online program to have given me the confidence and support needed to do just that. The professors are wonderful and still very personable even being online. I can tell that they really care about their students and helping them be successful.”


Why Pursue an Online Education?

Everything about Corban Online is designed to help you overcome the obstacles that have kept you from attending a traditional on-campus program, without sacrificing academic rigor, personal mentoring, or spiritual engagement. Whether you pursue a Corban education in the classroom or online, you’ll encounter a supportive Christian community where you’ll be challenged to grow spiritually, personally, and academically.

Corban offers six degrees entirely online:

Start to finish, Corban has the content and courses you need to complete your degree and prepare for success in the next step of your career. Transfer in previous college credit, earn credit for work experience and prior trainings, or start a new degree. Each course you take will emphasize practical application in real world situations.

Corban Online has intentionally created a program that is low cost and high value, and is easily accessible on your schedule. We believe that the cost of a Christian education should not keep you from the degree and training you need to make a difference in your chosen career and community.

Online courses give students the unique opportunity to access Corban University’s best without coming to campus. Corban University is recognized as a College of Distinction with engaged students, great teaching, a vibrant community and successful outcomes. Corban is also ranked among U.S. News & World Report’s Best Universities in the West.

Expert faculty make learning relevant and meaningful. Our 12:1 student-faculty ratio keeps class sizes small so faculty know you by name. You are given an academic adviser who will serve as a resource throughout your program, making sure you have every opportunity for success.

Taking online classes works on your schedule:

We understand that many of our students are balancing a variety of responsibilities, dreams, and passions. That’s why we’ve created convenient online programs that allow you to study at your own pace. Corban’s online programs are designed to let you balance all of your priorities while earning your degree.

But aside from flexibility and convenience, there are a myriad of reasons why online education could be the perfect fit for you!

  • Participate on a meaningful level in all your classes: You’ll discover that Corban’s online classes allow for meaningful interaction with your professors and classmates. In fact, the feedback, discussions, and conversations that happen in an online setting can be deep and rich as each student is given a platform to reflect and contribute.
  • Choose your own comfortable setting to grow and learn: With online courses, you can find the perfect learning environment. Whether it’s a home office or a coffee shop down the street, you can choose where you want your classroom to be.
  • Develop your digital and computer skills: A by-product of an online education is a comfortability with digital technology that you can add to your list of career skills. (For many students, online education is an ideal fit precisely because they are already “digital natives”—the screen might be where you thrive!)
  • Enjoy limitless multimedia resources: Options are endless for the way content can be shared and learned online. Your professors will take advantage of dozens of resources that may not be as easy to use in a traditional classroom. Whether you’re a visual, text-based, or auditory learner, online content can meet your individual needs.

Learn more about Corban’s online programs and how our intensive eight-week courses can help you complete your degree at a pace that works for you.

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