Psychology Online 

Psychology Online 

Best Psychology Degreee Online

If you’re passionate about connecting with and serving others, Corban’s online psychology program will equip you with effective tools for a meaningful career.

In your bachelor’s degree program, you will explore the workings of the human mind. Why do we do the things we do? How do factors like personality, trauma, and age impact the way we think, feel, and behave? You’ll explore these areas and more as you learn how human beings relate to others, the world, and themselves.

Learn from supportive Christian faculty as you develop knowledge and skills that are useful for any people-oriented career, and also prepare you for graduate school if you choose to continue your education. `

Choose from two concentrations to focus your degree on your specific interests and career goals.

Counseling Psychology

The Counseling Psychology concentration focuses on a strong foundation of general psychology knowledge and skills and prepares you to make a difference in any people-oriented career. Students often continue to graduate school for training as a licensed professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, psychologist, trauma therapist, or social worker, or step immediately into careers with the Department of Human Services, community action agencies, non-profits, or any people-helping organization.

Family Studies

Family Studies graduates are prepared to work in a variety of human services occupations as case managers, rehab specialists, career counselors and more, or as church staff in family ministry positions. Family Studies students are also equipped to continue on to graduate school to pursue social work, counseling, or other psychology-related careers.

Learn what courses you’ll need to complete your degree.


Interdisciplinary Studies

Corban’s interdisciplinary studies option allows you to customize your major with two or more areas of study. The interdisciplinary degree is a great option if you have specific career goals that require strong knowledge in more than one area of study or if you have already completed a significant amount of coursework toward another degree.

Through Corban Online, you can pursue an interdisciplinary degree that combines psychology courses with another discipline. This unique blend of coursework helps you customize your degree to your specific interests and take advantage of prior college coursework to complete your degree as quickly as possible.

Talk with one of our admissions counselors to see if the interdisciplinary option is a good fit for your transfer credits and career goals.