Graduate Programs

Why Pursue a Graduate Degree?

A graduate degree may be just what you need to deepen your knowledge, set yourself apart in your field, or prepare for a career transition. Whether you want to hone your counseling skills or develop your background in nonprofit leadership, a graduate degree from Corban University might be the perfect fit.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the financial benefits of earning a graduate degree. But a graduate degree also allows you to:

  • Deeply engage with your intellectual and career interests: While many undergraduate degrees seek to produce well-rounded citizens, graduate degrees develop experts. If you desire a greater depth of knowledge in a specific area, graduate work may be for you!
  • Grow through professional experience: Graduate programs require a rich level of real-world experience as the knowledge you gain in the classroom is immediately transferred and applied in professional, church, and nonprofit settings.
  • Network and build relationships: The graduate experience transforms professors into colleagues and classmates into professional connections. Grad school is an excellent time to network, learn from mentors, and build relationships that will continue to bring value to your career long after graduation.
  • Expand your career opportunities: A graduate degree can expand your career options in the field you love and set you apart from competitors in the job market.
  • Challenge yourself to grow: Graduate degrees are for lifelong learners, and will stretch you both personally and professionally as you spend time with fellow-learners in the “marketplace of ideas.”

Learn more about our specific graduate programs and how they can prepare you for the next step.

Alumni Scholarship

Graduate students who have previously completed any undergraduate, licensure, or other graduate program at Corban University, Western Baptist College, or Northwest Baptist Seminary are eligible for the Alumni Scholarship. This scholarship will cover 20% of tuition costs for your Corban University graduate program, and is available to students starting a graduate program in Summer 2020 Session A and forward.

This scholarship may not be combined with any other Corban scholarships or promotions. Graduate Assistants are not eligible for this scholarship.

Have Questions?

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