Pre-College and Dual Credit 

Get a jumpstart on your college education before you graduate from high school!


Corban’s pre-college program lets high school seniors in the local Salem area attend classes at Corban’s campus and learn directly from Corban’s expert faculty. Courses are just $65 per credit.

Dual Credit

With dual credit, high school seniors can take approved courses at their high school, taught by their teachers, and receive both high school and college credit. Students at select schools may also take online courses through Corban for dual credit.


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Why earn college credit while in high school?

Corban offers several ways to earn college credit while still in high school, whether by attending classes on Corban’s campus, taking online classes, or earning college credit for the classes you’re already taking at your high school. Aside from setting yourself up to excel in college, we believe there are many other benefits to pursuing college credits before you earn your high school diploma:

  • Get a sense of what college courses are like.
    The pre-college and dual credit programs are excellent ways to get a sense for college-level work without committing to a specific college or major. You’ll get the opportunity to develop your college-level skills and even get a taste for which major you might want to pursue, at a significantly discounted tuition rate (a better value than most community colleges)!
  • Understand what college professors expect.
    One of the biggest differences between high school and college is the expectations and styles of professors. When you take pre-college courses, you’ll get a sense for what college professors expect of their students—such as classroom etiquette, personal expectations (like time management and organization), and grading criteria.
  • Take courses that might not be offered at your high school.
    Corban’s pre-college and online dual credit options give you the opportunity to take courses that may not be offered at your high school, such as Bible and theology classes.
  • Stand out on college applications.
    No matter where you decide to attend college, you’ll have demonstrated that you can handle college-level work, which will help you stand out in the admissions process.