Dual Credit

Corban University’s dual credit program allows you to take approved courses at your high school—taught by your teachers—and receive both high school and college credit.

Course offerings are normally restricted to high school seniors. Exceptions to this policy may be made for high-achieving juniors, but sophomores and freshmen may not enroll in dual credit courses with Corban University.

By taking courses through Corban’s Dual Credit Program, you will:

  • Challenge yourself with rigorous academics that will help you excel in college.
  • Earn college credit from an accredited university at a fraction of the regular tuition cost, saving time and money on your college education.
  • Have college-level courses on your transcript to help you stand out in college admissions.

“I am grateful my high school partnered with Corban and made it simple for me to take dual credit classes. I came into college with 12 credits of general education classes and an idea of what a college course entails. This allowed me to take other courses that interested me, take lighter semesters, and gave me the option to graduate earlier.” – Bethany Trull, Counseling Psychology ‘22

If you are a high school student planning to take dual credit courses at your high school, apply here.


High school students wishing to take dual credit courses must have:

  1. Junior or senior status with demonstrated ability to do college-level work.
  2. A cumulative high school GPA of 3.25.



  • $65 per credit hour



Courses are offered through this program in Bible, theology, humanities, history, math, and science. Check with your high school to find out which specific courses are available to you.

Information for High School Teachers

High school teachers interested in teaching a dual credit course at their school must:

  • Work at a high school that is able to align itself with Corban’s mission “to educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.”
  • Hold a master’s degree (or equivalent) in the content area.
  • Have a minimum of two years of teaching experience.
  • Be willing to work with Corban faculty throughout the course development process.

Once approved as a Dual Credit Instructor, you will:

  • Be granted adjunct status at Corban University while teaching dual credit courses.
  • Gain experience teaching at the college level.
  • Receive assistance, guidance, and support from a Corban University faculty sponsor.
  • Gain access to Corban University’s library resources.
  • Receive a stipend of $200 per credit hour for courses with 5 or more students.



For more information, contact:

Susan Bos
Dual Credit Coordinator
(503) 375-7197 call
(503) 832-4410 text