Need and Cost

How Need Is Calculated

A student’s financial need is calculated from the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA formula produces a Student Aid Index (SAI), which is used by schools to determine qualifications for need based aid. The difference between the cost of attendance and a student’s SAI is their financial need.

Cost of Attendance

Each student’s cost to attend Corban varies somewhat, depending on individual circumstances. These include personal spending habits, housing and meal plan choices, and the choice of academic program. Your actual cost of attendance is the balance after grant and scholarship aid is applied.

The Financial Aid Office uses the following budget as a guideline in awarding financial aid to full-time students, and amounts are subject to change annually.

Please keep in mind that this is the cost before financial aid.

Traditional Undergraduate Program 2024-2025
Tuition (12 to 18 credits) $37,172
+ Housing (with lowest-priced housing option) $6,546
+ Food (with largest meal plan) $5,514
+ Student Activity Fee* $1,062
+ Health Services Fee $70
= Total Tuition, Food & Housing, and Fees $50,364
Additional Fees (charged as applicable)
Parking Permit Fee** $70
Enrollment Fee for New Students^ $150
Fees associated with some specific classes varies
Estimated Costs of Attendance Not Paid to Corban
(used to calculate financial need)
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment $1,000
Transportation $1,500
Personal Expenses $2,500

View details for housing and meal plan options here.

*Student fees fund student government, events, services, technology, intramurals, and security.

**Parking permit fee of $35 per semester is charged for each vehicle a student registers for parking on campus.

^A one-time enrollment fee of $150 will be charged to each new traditional undergraduate student.