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Corban University

Transfer Students

If you are interested in attending Corban as a transfer student, we’d love to review your application. Here’s what we’ll need:

Acceptance to Corban as a transfer student requires a minimum college GPA of 2.00. If you have fewer than 31 semester hours (47 quarter hours) of college credits to transfer, we will also request your SAT or ACT scores and high school transcript in order to give you an admission decision.

Transferring Credits

Not sure how your college credits will transfer? We can help!

  • Check out our registrar’s page for guidelines on transferring your credits and for our transfer equivalency guides.
  • Use our Oregon Community College Transfer Guides to make the most of your time at community college.
  • Connect with your admissions counselor for a preliminary transcript review and for help choosing courses at your current college that will transfer to Corban.

Nathan McFadden
Transfer Admissions Counselor

  • Once you have been admitted, you’ll receive an official transfer evaluation that shows how your classes and credits will transfer. Then we can help you determine how long it will take to finish your degree at Corban.

    NOTE: Corban’s Bible course requirements are now prorated for transfer students, making it easier for you to graduate in four years, even as a transfer student! See your program worksheet for details.


Transfer students may be eligible for the following Corban scholarships:


Scholarship Amount Criteria Deadline How to Apply
Scholastic Award $7,500 – $11,500 Based on college GPA. Minimum 3.0. N/A Automatically awarded
Chemeketa $4,000 For transfers from Chemeketa Community College. Must have 47 transferrable quarter credits (31 semester credits) from Chemeketa and at least a 3.25 GPA. N/A Provide Chemeketa transcript.
Phi Theta Kappa 1,000 Must be a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. June 1 Provide proof of membership.
Music Up to $7,000 For music majors and participants, selected by the music department. Priority given before March 1 Contact the music department to audition.
Athletic Varies For athletes selected by Corban coaches. Replaces all other Corban aid. N/A Contact coach in appropriate sport.
Difference-Maker Grant $500 – $1,000 Demonstrated community or church service. Annually renewable. February 1 Submit application.
Visit Scholarship $500 Visit the campus on a qualified visit. Annually renewable. April 27 Schedule a qualified visit.