What Should I Expect at a Christian University?

I think I’ve heard it all from potential transfer students. “How Christian do I need to be?” or “Do I need to know everything in the Bible?” or even, “How strict is it at Corban?”

These are important questions to ask because students don’t want to be blindsided, especially if they have never been to a Christian university. So here are three things you should expect when attending Corban:

1. Corban is a discipleship university.

This means that all students, faculty, and staff are professing believers in Jesus Christ. This is amazing! Corban is one of only a few universities that educate this way on the West Coast.

Collectively, we are striving to live a life honoring to God. Whether it’s in the classroom, dorms, discussions, concerts, parties, or athletics, our campus is going to enjoy the life God gave us and bring Him glory!

2. Your heart is more important than your knowledge.

Whether you know a lot about the Bible, you recently became a follower of Christ, or you were never given the tools to know how to read your Bible, you are going to fit very well at Corban. We are much more concerned with your heart and whether you’re excited to be a follower of Christ than your initial knowledge of Scripture.

We will work with you to improve your ability to study the Bible, but when enrolling at Corban, I recommend being excited to join other believers in the pursuit of truth and not get “bogged down” by the comparison game. Everyone will bring a different level of Bible knowledge to the table.

3. Corban students are followers of Christ, but not perfect.

Countless Scripture references point to the fact that although we give our lives to Christ, we are still going to fall short. We are forgiven, but we are not made perfect until we get to heaven (insert party hands). Do not be concerned or for a second think, “I won’t fit in because I’m not as ‘Christian’ as I ‘should’ be.” What does that even mean?

If you’ve been redeemed by Jesus Christ and can’t keep that to yourself, then join Corban confidently. Corban is full of people from all walks of life with one mission: to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.

Jesus still matters.