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“I think that the Applied Business degree is exactly what it says. It’s applied business. It’s not theoretical. It’s not hypothetical. We are digging into those real-life, hands-on, get-out-and-get-to-work-tomorrow kinds of concepts.” – Dr. Kristine Medyanik, Online Program Director and Professor

Whether you’re looking to start your own business, qualify for a new job opportunity, or gain the personal satisfaction of finishing your college degree, you’ll benefit from Corban’s Applied Business program, with both associate’s and bachelor’s degree options.

Corban’s online business program is designed with the nontraditional learner in mind. It’s practical, flexible, and user-friendly, so you can reach your goal of an associate’s or bachelor’s degree even in the midst of your busy schedule. The program takes a multimodal approach, incorporating a mixture of short videos, podcasts, online discussion boards, and written content, so you’ll have a variety of ways to actively engage with the material and get the most out of your studies.

Applied Business

The Applied Business program gives you an incredibly well-rounded, practical education that’s highly relevant for today’s world. Our goal is for you to be job-ready right out of the door. That means you’ll build a strong foundation of basic business knowledge in human resources, leadership, and accounting.

As a Christian university, we approach each course from a biblical perspective, and we believe faith and work go hand-in-hand. What does it look like to be a Christian in your work environment? How can you use your work or business to honor the Lord? These are some of the questions you’ll dig into as part of your business coursework.

You’ll also take courses covering very in-demand career fields, such as project management, data analytics, and marketing. These skills are transferable to almost any career. No matter what kind of organization you look at, there is someone who has that business mind and keeps things running. That person could be you!

Your capstone course will allow you to connect with an organization or a project in the field of business that you’re most interested in and complete a team project. So you will walk out, not just with a degree, but with a portfolio and some important teamwork experience to help navigate the next step of your career.

Whether you are considering entrepreneurship or going to work as a manager or moving into a more traditional corporate environment, your Applied Business degree will give you a strong foundation to excel.

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Corban offers both an associate’s and a bachelor’s degree in Applied Business. These degrees draw from the same pool of courses and are designed to be “stackable” so that you can earn your associate’s in two years, and then, if you choose, continue on and apply those courses toward your bachelor’s degree.

In addition to general education and elective courses, you’ll take core business courses in both the associate’s and bachelor’s tracks that will help you develop essential foundational skills to support any kind of business. These core courses include:

  • BUS220NT Business Communications
  • BUS230NT Introduction to Management
  • BUS235NT Accounting Basics
  • BUS240NT Survey of Economics
  • BUS250NT Survey of Marketing
  • BUS325NT Accounting & Finance for Managers
  • BUS340NT Business Law & Biblical Ethics
  • BUS355NT Survey of Operations Management
  • BUS360NT Introduction to Human Resources
  • BUS365NT Survey of Leadership
  • BUS370NT Advanced Market Research
  • BUS403NT Senior Capstone
  • BUS438NT Project Management
  • BUS453NT Entrepreneurship
  • BUS455NT Business Analytics

Learn more about the Applied Business courses.

Program Format

  • Classes start every 8 weeks. You can begin classes in any session, and take one, two, or three classes each session, depending on what works for your schedule and goals. See the online undergraduate academic calendar.
  • Assignments are posted at the beginning of each week so you can work at your pace through the week. You’ll get a “Welcome to the Week” email that highlights exactly what you need to do.
  • Classes are asynchronous, which means you don’t have to be online at any specific day or time.
  • Multimodal content includes a mixture of video lectures, podcasts, online discussion boards, and textbooks, which you can often access electronically, so you have multiple ways to absorb the content and get the most out of your studies.


Learn from faculty with decades of practical experience as subject matter experts in the business world. They know what it’s like to lead, market, and support real life businesses, and they’ll share those hard-earned insights with you.

Our program minimizes the transactional distance between you and your instructors. You’ll have direct engagement with your professors through video content recorded by the Corban faculty you’ll be working with, as well as through discussion boards, timely feedback on assignments, email, and virtual office hours.

As a Corban online student, you will get to know your professors and be known by them. Our online classrooms are kept at about 15 students or less, which is half the size of most online programs. That means you not only have support in reaching your specific goals, but you also have a better opportunity to get recommendations and to have that mentor relationship to support you through and beyond your degree program.

Expedite Your Degree

Transfer in credits you’ve already earned and get credit for work and life experiences to save time and money. Learn more about earning credit for prior learning.

Already have a lot of credits in a specific field of study? You may want to consider an interdisciplinary degree.


We’ve intentionally created a program that is low-cost and high-value. Online undergraduate tuition is $440 per credit. For a bachelor’s degree, you’ll take a minimum of 30 credits at Corban and need a total of 120 credits to graduate. For an associate’s degree, you’ll take at least 15 credits at Corban and will need a total of 60 credits to earn your degree.

Your total cost will vary depending on how which degree you choose and how many credits you already have to transfer toward your degree. (Don’t worry. We’ll help you determine this!)

Our faculty utilize low- or no-cost textbooks and course material, and there are many resources available to help you pay for your education:

  • Scholarships
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Federal Financial Aid
  • Payment Plans
  • …and more!

Learn more about tuition and aid.

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $20,000 more per year than those with only a high school diploma, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. It’s a valuable investment in your future!

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