Residence Life

Friendly hall rivalries. Group study sessions. Dorm devotions. Deep conversations. Lighthearted laughter. These are just a few of the things you’ll find as part of your life in a Corban residence hall.

Each hall has a Resident Assistant (RA) to provide support, accountability, and conversation, and there’s always a fellow student around to encourage you, laugh with you, and pray with you. Corban students are pulling for each other. This is the kind of community that results from living and studying with your neighbors, classmates, and family-away-from-home.

We provide living environments that nurture a sense of belonging, inspire student engagement, and encourage healthy citizenship.

Residence Halls

We believe living on campus is an integral part of your educational, social, and spiritual growth, and our students love the community they find here.

Enjoy spacious rooms, common areas with cozy seating, free on-campus laundry, storage areas, and kitchens for making midnight snacks. Each residence hall has unique features, but all of them offer a welcoming community and meaningful friendships. They also each have their own annual event that has become Corban tradition.

Aagard Hall

Aagard residents share a common love for Jesus, spontaneity, and some good old-fashioned fun.

This mid-century style brick hall houses about 85 female students. The building is named for two of Corban’s early employees, Carrol and Fern Aagard, who made a difference as missionaries to the Philippines. Facilities include four community spaces, a sizable laundry room, two full kitchens, and private bathrooms in each room. Aagard Hall’s open floor plan contributes to its residents feeling connected across floors.

Each fall, Aagard hosts the Basement Bash, a pumpkin-painting, dancing, trick-or-treating party.

Balyo & Davidson

Corban’s two newest residence halls are Balyo and Davidson. In “BaD,” joy is contagious and students’ ideas and passions are supported by one another.

Balyo Hall

Balyo Hall, the newest residence hall on campus, is named after President Emeritus John G. Balyo. It houses about 110 male and female students on three gender-specific floors. Its facilities include community bathrooms, large community spaces, full kitchens, and laundry rooms on each floor. Vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and a cozy fireplace make the second floor community space a favorite hangout.

Balyo and Davidson men and women challenge each other to a showdown, tug-of-war, barrel racing, and more at the Lumber Games, held each spring.

Davidson Hall

This Northwest cabin-style hall is named for its generous benefactors, Alton and Joan Davidson. Davidson Hall houses nearly 75 male and female students on two gender-specific floors. Its facilities include community bathrooms, open community spaces, full kitchens, and laundry rooms on each floor. Exposed beams and a cozy fireplace make the second floor community space ideal for studying on cool, rainy days.

Davidson and Balyo men and women compete each year in the Lumber Games. This series of events includes log jousting, tug-of-war, and other woodsman games.

Prewitt/Van Gilder Hall

Fondly nicknamed “PVG,” residents of this hall seek to cultivate an atmosphere of family, where they serve, encourage, and challenge each other.

Prewitt and Van Gilder Hall is two halls in one building, divided into gender-specific floors. Prewitt Hall is home to about 70 women and is named for Mildred Prewitt, a lifelong supporter of the University. Van Gilder Hall is home to about 75 men and is named for Dr. H. O. Van Gilder, the University’s fourth president. Some of PVG’s facilities include community bathrooms, a massive community space for its residents to enjoy, a full kitchen, two quiet study rooms, and a movie room.

PVG hosts another long-standing tradition, Mr. VG, where Corban men compete in a battle of wits, talent, and hilarity.


Located on the corner of Deer Park Drive and Aumsville Highway, the Townhouses provide a progressive housing option for returning academic juniors and seniors. There are two different townhouse options. The larger townhouses have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, air conditioning, a full kitchen, a laundry room and a gas fireplace. The smaller townhouses have two bedrooms, one bathroom, portable air conditioning, and a full kitchen.

Townhouse living provides an opportunity for students to live independently, while still enjoying the benefits of the on-campus community.

Residence Hall Staff

Residence staff members are eager to guide, mentor, and empower student voice through student leadership positions and programs designed to equip students to make a difference. Students are free to express themselves and explore their beliefs and viewpoints in a Christian context. We strive to be a loving and gracious community, providing appropriate challenge and support to work through life’s issues.

Each residence hall is part of a specific residential area managed by an Area Coordinator (AC). The ACs oversee the development of events, Bible studies, and other residence life activities in their area. They are also responsible for the supervision and care of their assigned residential area. ACs are professional, live-in staff who are available for guidance, support, and accountability to the students in their residence halls.

Assistant Area Coordinators (AACs) are student and graduate student staff members who provide administrative support for the ACs and work with the RAs.

The Resident Assistants (RAs) are also student staff members who are overseen by the ACs. They are responsible for the spiritual leadership, safety, well-being, and conduct of the students in their assigned sections.