Nursing (BSN)

Ready to make a difference as a Registered Nurse?

Develop your love for God and for people as you pursue your calling into the nursing profession.

Through Corban’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, you can get the training you need to help meet the demand for skilled, compassionate nurses. This program offers:

  • An exceptional, Bible-centered education in a tight-knit Christian community.
  • Expert faculty and mentors who invest in YOU.
  • A direct pathway to a high-demand career field.

Is nursing the right program for you?

Yes, if:

  • You have a servant’s heart and find joy in caring for others.
  • You are observant and notice details.
  • You have strong moral and ethical principles.
  • You can work and empathize with difficult, frustrated, or hurting people.
  • You enjoy science.
  • You have an aptitude for problem solving and critical thinking.

What You’ll Learn

Corban’s nursing program celebrates the foundational truth that every human being is created in the image of God and therefore worthy of love, respect, and quality care.

At Corban, you’ll learn to navigate the tough issues and ethical dilemmas in the medical field from a biblical perspective while also getting practical, hands-on training. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be qualified to take the national examination for licensure as a registered nurse.

Your degree will include a liberal arts core that will help you develop the analytical, communication, and resourcefulness skills that are essential as a nurse. You will also earn a Bible minor as part of your degree, giving you a solid foundation in God’s Word as your guide for life.

The rest of your BSN program will focus on core nursing theory, labs, and clinical experiences that will enable you to care for a wide variety of patients and their unique needs.

Click here to view the program overview and see which courses you’ll be taking.

Career Options

The nursing field desperately needs new nurses, with nearly 200,000 nursing jobs opening each year in the U.S.

The diversity of your education and training in Corban’s BSN program will give you a wide range of career options to choose from when you graduate. In addition to working in hospitals, nurses are employed in a variety of environments such as schools, prisons, assisted living facilities, military bases, and missions and relief organizations.

Some common career paths include:

  • Staff Nurse providing direct patient care at a hospital or clinic
  • Nurse Manager supervising nurses or healthcare operations
  • Clinical Research Nurse assisting with medical research trials
  • Public Health or School Nurse improving health and wellness through education
  • Nurse Informaticist improving patient care through data analysis
  • Legal Nurse Consultant providing expertise on healthcare issues
  • Forensic Nurse assisting in crime scene investigation
  • Occupational Health Nurse focusing on employee health and safety
  • Travel Nurse working on short-term assignments
  • Entrepreneur starting a private nursing or healthcare business
  • Medical Missionary sharing the love of Jesus while meeting physical needs

Unique Opportunities

Get real world experience in the nursing field to build your skills and confidence! Corban’s partnerships with Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics, Santiam Hospital, and the Santiam/Corban PCR Enterprise (SCoPE) Lab ensure that you will gain robust clinical experience as part of your BSN program.

Participate in medical research, even as an undergraduate student! You will have the opportunity to conduct original medical research alongside faculty on a range of scientific and medically-relevant topics.

Medicine provides a unique opportunity to address the physical needs of people and also share the life-giving truth of the gospel. Every spring, Corban science students and faculty participate in a medical mission trip, working alongside physicians and nurses to care for people in developing countries.

Meet Corban’s Science Faculty