Dr. Clinton Knaus

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

(503) 375-7175


Doctor of Pharmacy, Purdue University, IN

Board Certification in Nuclear Pharmacy

Ph.D. Candidate, Nuclear Chemistry, Oregon State University, OR

Dr. Knaus joins Corban’s science faculty as a pharmaceutical scientist with over 10 years of radiopharmaceutical compounding and research experience. After earning his Pharm.D. in 2008 from Purdue University, Dr. Knaus served for seven years as a Nuclear Pharmacist in western Ohio where he took a leadership role in management, regulatory compliance, and business expansion of an independent radiopharmacy chain. During his time there, he also served as their Radiation Safety Officer and a preceptor for pharmacy students and nuclear medicine technologist students on experiential rotations.

After moving to the Pacific Northwest, Clinton began pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Oregon State University, focusing on radiochemistry and metal-ligand complexes while working part-time in a medical cyclotron facility producing positron-emitting radioisotopes.

Dr. Knaus is still a Midwestern farm boy at heart and loves being outside and active. He enjoys spending time with his wife Jenni and serving as a deacon in his local church family. He is always ready to share a cup of coffee and conversation with new and old friends alike.

“Regardless of how deep we peer into the subatomic realm, or how far into the cosmos, we cannot help but be confronted by a realization of how vast and powerful God is and that he loves revealing his mysteries to mankind. As such, our scientific pursuits can be a form of true worship as we explore the wonderful world of matter and stand in awe of its creator. I am very grateful to be able to teach at Corban where I can present the beautiful compatibility of faith and science.”