Faculty Mentors

faculty mentors

We think the faculty at Corban University are pretty exceptional. Here are just a few reasons we believe Corban’s faculty are more than qualified to shape your competence, character, and walk with Christ:

  • Corban faculty have professional experience in their fields. Our ministry professors have spent years in church leadership positions—and indeed, many are active pastors. Our psychology faculty have years of professional counseling experience, and our criminal justice faculty have spent decades in law enforcement and public safety. In addition to full-time faculty, adjuncts are often active in their respective fields. Professors bring years of practical experience to their courses, enriching students’ learning through real-world stories, application, and wisdom.
  • Corban faculty allow students to come alongside and participate in their work. For example, our health science faculty regularly involve undergraduate students in their research. From live-animal research to natural product synthesis, students benefit from hands-on experience working alongside their professors. Under faculty guidance, students publish poetry in national literary journals, co-author papers in peer-reviewed publications, and submit proposals to the National Council on Undergraduate Research annual conference.
  • Corban faculty are globally involved, and they help students be the same. Faculty regularly lead trips overseas, whether for short-term missions, ongoing global partnerships, study abroad, or study tours. English faculty lead trips to Great Britain, ministry faculty lead tours to Israel, and education faculty bring students to Kenya for teacher training and curriculum development. Faculty regularly help cultivate our students’ hearts for global concerns and provide multiple opportunities for students to engage in cross-cultural contexts, whether through the lens of ministry, education, business, or academic study.
  • Corban faculty engage with students on a personal and spiritual level. By the end of your time at Corban, you’ll likely have visited with professors in their homes, eaten meals with them, and talked with them over coffee. You may have tried Gina Ochsner’s traditional borscht recipe, decorated sugar cookies with Dr. Colette Tennant, or eaten a Passover meal with Dr. Greg Trull. Faculty genuinely care about their students’ personal as well as academic success, and many become lifelong friends and mentors.

Learn more about Corban’s faculty. Better yet, stop by their office and get to know them in person!