Media Arts


Develop your creative potential to produce and deliver great content in various media formats with Corban’s media arts program. You’ll be challenged to think critically and creatively from a biblical worldview, strive for professional excellence, and pursue a life that glorifies God through engagement in the arts.

As the world becomes increasingly driven by media, every organization has a growing need for skilled media professionals who can creatively reach the right people with the right message. In Corban’s media arts program, you will be prepared to write, design, and produce intelligent media for the marketplace, ministry, and missions.

Is media arts the right major for you?

Yes, if:

  • You are full of ideas like light bulbs waiting to be invented.
  • You enjoy telling stories in a variety of forms.
  • You are a unique thinker who loves flexibility and imagination.
  • You want to become courageous and confident in your work.
  • You enjoy inspiring and motivating others.

If you are ready to learn and willing to let us sharpen your God-given creative gifts into talents that unlock doors to an exciting career, we want you in Corban’s media arts program!

Media Arts Booklet


Corban’s media arts program offers flexibility and choice, even within a specific concentration, so you can create a personalized journey of study. Every concentration starts with a strong core of classes every media arts student should have for today’s job market and then offers room for you to explore skills that match your interests and goals and to do class projects in your preferred medium or explore a new one.

Choose from these program options:

  • Creative Media
    Focus on a variety of photographic styles as well as personalized practicum, internship, and portfolio work for a successful career in digital photography, branding, and visual communication.
  • Film Studies
    Develop essential film skills as you study theory and gain hands-on experience, from script to screen, for a professional career in film and video production.
  • General Media Arts
    Mix and match courses to get a well-rounded degree that prepares you to excel in your career. This option is ideal for transfer students to graduate quickly.

Core Courses

Regardless of which track you choose, you’ll take a well-balanced selection of core media arts courses to give you the foundational skills every media professional needs. These include:

  • Visual Arts I: Foundation
  • Media and Society
  • Visual Arts II: Digital Storytelling
  • Photography and Visual Rhetoric
  • Visual Arts III: Graphic Design
  • Narrative Theory: Writing for New Media
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Media Arts Capstone
  • Creative and Career OR Media Entrepreneur
  • Journalistic Writing OR Creative Media Lab

Career Options

Career options in media that were once hard to imagine have now been fully integrated into the mainstream job market. New media has changed how we communicate, locally, globally, interculturally. Storytelling, content creation, design thinking, innovation, and production are highly marketable skills for a wide variety of industries ranging from medicine to ministry, publishing to public relations, academia to agriculture. Some possible media careers include:

  • Social Media Strategist
  • Media Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Ministry
  • Communications
  • Advertising
  • Film Production
  • Podcasting

Unique Opportunities

Media Portfolio
Every media arts student will graduate with a digital media portfolio that highlights your creative work for potential employers or graduate school. You’ll be ready to demonstrate your talent and skills.

Flexible Course Options
The media arts program gives you choice and flexibility while developing as a professional. Take a Creative Media Lab to concentrate on any media skill you want to learn, or dive into a media internship to get focused interaction with successful media professionals and hands-on experience.

On-Campus Studios and Media Labs

  • Hilltop Media Studio
    Students can create their own podcasts or record voicework in the new Hilltop Media Studio in the Academic Center.
  • Photography / Film Studio
    Corban’s makerspace, The Barn, is a creative hub for all types of artistic pursuits. It also houses the media arts photography and film studio, including backdrops, new lighting equipment, and two production rooms.
  • Digital Design Lab
    Media arts students will receive a login for the full Adobe Creative suite and access to the PC lab in the Younger Center for editing, design, and more!

Media Equipment
As a future media professional, you’ll want to invest in your own equipment at some point. College is a great time to begin building your equipment inventory, and Professor Yanike is happy to recommend equipment that will best serve your needs based on your specific interests. However, it is not required that you have your own equipment to enroll in the media arts program. We have cameras, computers, sound and lighting equipment, and more available for you to use on campus.

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