Naomi Yanike

Assistant Professor of Media Arts

(503) 375-7190

  • B.A. Communications – Augustana University
  • Graduate Certificate Human Resources & Corporate Training – University of Nebraska Omaha
  • M.A. Communications – University of Nebraska Omaha

Naomi Yanike comes to Corban from the University of Nebraska, Omaha, where she received an M.A. in Communications with an emphasis on new media studies. Before pursuing graduate school and teaching in higher education, her 15 years of professional experience include business, non-profit, and ministry positions. She has been a media entrepreneur for more than a decade, owning a digital production and photography company. Her professional ministry positions include serving as a student ministry director for five years, overseeing middle school, high school, and college-age ministry functions; as well as communications production work. Her non-profit experience took her into local elementary schools to provide education and social work programs to at-risk populations in low-income neighborhoods for five years.

Noami’s research interests include how to best prepare media and communication students for the gig/freelance work economy that is predicted to encompass over 50% of Americans by 2027, with 53% of Gen Z workers already freelancing (Freelance Union & Upwork, 2019). She loves to ask questions about how mass communication shapes society’s view of credibility and expertise, seeking to understand the shifting new media landscape in an information age. She aspires to distribute timely research through creative outlets like documentary short films and visual ethnography studies that utilize photography.

Naomi is married to Rob, a pastor, and they have three children: Caleb, Reagan, and Michael. Together, their family served as urban church leaders for ten years, living in the inner city, followed by ten years of suburban church ministry as campus site leaders, camp directors, and life coaches.

Naomi’s unique personal background narrative has shaped her passion for teaching and mentoring college students in higher education. She grew up in the most ethnically diverse and poorest area of Nebraska and understands the challenges of being a first-generation college student from an at-risk neighborhood.

She loves a good documentary and movie in general, discovering unique local eateries, coffee, books, in-depth relationships, prayer, hosting gatherings, planning anything creative, and investing in others’ lives. At the end of the day, self-care and limits are her passion, as well.

Naomi gave her life to Christ at the age of 19 in her college professor’s office at a liberal arts university. Corban allows her the unique opportunity to sow into the character and faith of students at Corban, helping launch them into their calling as disciples and their desires to do creative work. She loves the challenge and opportunity to strategically design the media arts major with the goal of sending students who are made ready for the marketplace, ministry, and missions.