Tamara P. McGinnis

Associate Professor of English
Director of Theatre Arts




  • B.Ed. Corban University
  • B.S. Western Oregon State College
  • M.A. Portland State University


Professor McGinnis teaches a wide range of English courses, including Shakespeare, British Literature, and Literary Criticism. In addition, Professor McGinnis has directed theatre at Corban since 1990, producing shows ranging from Shakespeare’s Macbeth to Meredith’s The Music Man. In that time, she has gathered a group of loyal volunteers who help to ensure quality productions each year.

Professor McGinnis also presents drama seminars, directs a summer children’s theatre camp at Corban, and heads a theatre patron group.

In May 2006, she led a group of 15 actors to Sydney, Australia, on a two-week drama mission trip where their full-length show, Pilgrim’s Progress, was used as an outreach tool by local churches. In 2015-16, McGinnis celebrated her 25th anniversary directing theatre at Corban.


Tamara is the mother of two amazing daughters and the wife of a gifted videographer.

Why Corban

“I enjoy my job teaching literature and directing theatre, as it pays me to do the things I love: read, teach, discuss the intersection of the arts and Christianity, and connect with students.”