Creative Media

Creative Media

In an image-driven world, there is a constant demand for photos that inspire, connect, and tell a story. Creative media prepares you to become a successful media entrepreneur in digital photography or enter a wide variety of industries that depend on images for branding and communication in social media and the digital world.

Is creative media the right major for you?

Yes, if:

  • You see the world from a unique perspective.
  • You enjoy capturing beauty through photography.
  • You appreciate the power of visual storytelling.

What You’ll Learn

You will be prepared in a variety of photographic styles—photojournalism, street, portrait, and commercial—but have choice and flexibility to tailor practicum, internship, and portfolio work toward your individualized goals.

Build a well-rounded expertise in media arts through core courses, and then add a specific focus on creative media, with room to customize course selections to your particular interests.

Required creative media courses:

  • Creative Media Lab
  • Media Entrepreneur
  • Media Practicum: Advanced Photography

Elective creative media courses:

  • Creative Writing
  • Art History of the Western World
  • Special Topics in Art
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Practicum: Social Media
  • Cinematography
  • Special Topics: Media Arts
  • Communications Internship

Creative Media Lab, Special Topics, and Internship courses are all completely customizable to what you want to learn. Take an advanced course in Photoshop or focus on portrait photography. This is your opportunity to go deeper into a topic you choose.

Career Options

Whether you start your own photography business or use your creative talents to capture compelling images for an employer, your eye for imagery can lead to a wide variety of career options. Some of these could be:

  • Media Entrepreneur / Freelance Photographer
  • Staff Photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Content Creator
  • Stock Photo Creator

Photography / Film Studio

Corban’s makerspace, The Barn, is a creative hub for all types of artistic pursuits. It also houses the media arts photography and film studio, including backdrops, new lighting equipment, and two production rooms.

Learn more about what you can expect as a media arts student at Corban.