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Corban University


Welcome to the Corban family! You play such an important role in your child’s life, and even though that role may change over the next four years, it does not become any less important. We are thankful for you!

These parent pages are intended to provide resources and information to help you support and stay involved with your student while at Corban.

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“As a Christ-centered institution, our desire is to help your students grow and mature and learn and develop, not just intellectually, but spiritually as well. We are committed to their spiritual transformation as they begin their journey of higher education, particularly the ability to integrate every aspect of their life with the message of the gospel and biblical truth.”

  • Dr. Thomas Cornman, Provost

Enjoy this brief video as Dr. Cornman discusses what makes a Corban education so unique. We hope you and your student both encounter God at work on Corban’s campus, whether you’re visiting for a day or investing the next four years as part of this community.

Parents: Partners in Student Success

At Corban University, we are committed to educating Christians to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. It is this mission that informs our role and responsibility to your student.

We view every experience, both in and out of the classroom, as an opportunity for your student to learn how to think critically, solve problems and grow in Christ-like character. Our job is to help guide and support your student as they engage in their college experience. We treat them as unique individual adults, responsible for themselves, their actions and decisions.

Parents play an integral part in their student’s success through their encouragement, prayer and support. In fact, studies have shown that students who feel supported by their family are more likely to graduate from college.*

At Corban University we see parents as partners in their student’s success in the following ways:

  • Strive to understand the student experience, learning about the unique challenges and opportunities facing today’s college students.
  • Develop awareness of the support services available to students and encourage your student to identify their need and seek out assistance.
  • Encourage your student to identify, define and solve problems independently, prayerfully support your student during times of challenge and uncertainty.
  • Allow your student to: accept responsibility for their personal errors, examine their motivations, determine a solution and establish a different action plan for the future.
  • Understand your role as mentor to your student. Promote self-advocacy by empowering your student to make decisions independently.
  • Know and understand your limitations to access student records, as delineated in Corban’s FERPA policy (Family Education Rights Privacy Act).
  • Be alert to signs of distress in your student (prolonged sadness, loneliness, stress, etc.) and discuss your concerns openly. Assist your student in developing a plan to address the problem. If it would be helpful, our Student Life staff members are available to talk through different options and resources for your student. If you’re concerned about the immediate safety of your student, contact Campus Safety.

*“The Influence of Parenting Styles, Achievement Motivation, and Self-Efficacy on Academic Performance in College Students.” Journal of College Student Development, 50(3), 337-346. Turner, E.A., Chandler, M. and Heffer, R.W. 2009.