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Corban University

A Note from Corban Parents…

Ed and Lori Dressel are the parents of both a Corban graduate and a current Corban student. We asked them to share a little bit about how Corban has impacted their students’ lives and, as a result, their own. Here’s what they had to say…

To us, Corban means community. It’s something we have been a part of for longer than we ever realized.

As parents of five, we have had the joy of watching two of those children attend Corban. The initial idea of committing to a four-year college was daunting for us, yet God has guided and directed each of our children into the place and area of interest designed for them.

Our daughter, Charis, began her Corban education in 2014. As far back as we could remember, she always had a song. Through her love of piano and everything that had to do with music, we could see from an early age that this would be a big part of her life. Interestingly enough, her first music teacher, Julie, was a Corban grad. Julie nurtured Charis’ love for music through piano lessons, choir opportunities, and encouraged her to serve in the area of worship.

With our daughter in the Corban community, we also were drawn in, since we live locally and are able to hop over for a concert, a senior recital, or a musical. We took joy in watching not just our daughter grow in faith, but also her peers. We observed Corban’s role—directly and indirectly–in training and directing her passion for music. Now she gets to give back as she works as an elementary music teacher at Salem Academy.

A year ago, we graduated our youngest child from high school. Isaiah also has chosen Corban. His exposure to the Corban community was due in part to his sister, but also through his relationship with former Corban grads who have worked as his youth leaders, mentors, and worship leaders. The influence of these men and women in his life has been a testament to the fruit a Christian education bears. He has been the recipient of Corban’s legacy of growing men and women to serve Christ. We anticipate the work that God will continue to do in his life the next few years.

Looking back through our children’s lives, we see how Corban has touched our lives. Through those early days of piano lessons from a former Corban grad, to today, as we watch our son mature in his faith through the faculty, staff, and peers, Corban continues to influence the community and the world through training and equipping men and women to serve Christ. What a joy to be a part of it all!

-Ed & Lori Dressel