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Check out the following online resources for parents of college students! From “10 Conversations Parents and Students Should Have Before the First Year of College” to “The Family Transition to College Enrollment,” you’ll find answers to all your questions about paying for college, college orientation, and the challenges and achievements you’ll be able to experience with your student.

Online Resources:

You might even consider reading a book or two with your student—or even on your own—as you help your student navigate the college experience.

We Recommend:

The Freshman Survival Guide

This book will take you and your student through the essentials of transitioning to college, from making friends to living with roommates to navigating homesickness.

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Students love getting care packages from home. To send mail to your Corban student, please address it as follows:

First and Last Name
5000 Deer Park Drive SE
Salem, Oregon 97317-9392

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