Resources for Current Parents

We are honored that you have entrusted us at Corban with the next step in your student’s education. It is a privilege we do not take lightly. The college years are some of the most formative years in a young person’s development intellectually, socially, and spiritually. At Corban, your student will be challenged to ask questions, search for answers, and build a biblically-based worldview that will equip them for life, wherever the Lord leads them.

Our faculty, staff, and coaches at Corban are dedicated to supporting each student through the many questions they will wrestle with, both inside and outside of the classroom. The fabric of our community here is strong—various personalities and backgrounds come together and find commonality in pursuit of Jesus Christ. This creates an environment that provides accountability, inspires growth, and encourages your student’s healthy development during these college years.

This page offers some resources for you to stay connected with what is happening on campus and continue to support your student during their college experience. We’ve also provided some quick links to important Corban departments and information.


Student Mental Health Resources
Corban has an on-site Counseling Center for our students to access free of charge. Learn more on our counseling services page.

Tuition & Fees
Information about current tuition, fees, and meal plan options is updated annually.

Parent Guide
The parent guide introduces you to key people and departments at Corban, provides resources to help you support your student during their college years, and offers ways for you to get involved in the Corban community!

Send Mail

Students love getting care packages from home. To send mail to your Corban student, please address it as follows:

First and Last Name
5000 Deer Park Drive SE
Salem, Oregon 97317-9392

Get Corban Swag

You can visit our on-campus apparel store or purchase Corban t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, and more from our online store.

Campus Happenings

Corban Connection
This quarterly newsletter highlights student and alumni stories, faculty achievements, Corban events, and other news about the Corban community. Sign up to receive a printed or digital copy.

Academic Calendar
Check out the academic calendar to know when your student might be home for breaks and when they might need a care package to encourage them through exams.

Athletics is your source for all things athletics-related, including schedules, rosters, and news.

Social Media
Follow Corban on Facebook or Instagram and join our Parent Facebook Group to connect with other Corban parents.

Emergency Alerts
In the event of an emergency on campus, an alert will be placed across the top of our home page. You may also sign up to receive alerts via text or email.

Corban Resources

Other Resources

Below are some additional online resources that may be helpful for you as the parents of a college student. From “10 Conversations Parents and Students Should Have Before the First Year of College” to “The Family Transition to College Enrollment,” you’ll find answers to your questions about paying for college, college orientation, and the challenges and achievements you’ll be able to experience with your student.

Online Resources:

You might even consider reading a book or two with your student—or even on your own—as you help your student navigate the college experience.

We Recommend:

The Freshman Survival Guide

This book will take you and your student through the essentials of transitioning to college, from making friends to living with roommates to navigating homesickness.

Parents: Partners in Student Success

At Corban University, we are committed to educating Christians to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. It is this mission that informs our role and responsibility to your student.

We view every experience, both in and out of the classroom, as an opportunity for your student to learn how to think critically, solve problems and grow in Christ-like character. Our job is to help guide and support your student as they engage in their college experience. We treat them as unique individual adults, responsible for themselves, their actions and decisions.

Parents play an integral part in their student’s success through their encouragement, prayer and support. In fact, studies have shown that students who feel supported by their family are more likely to graduate from college.*

At Corban University we see parents as partners in their student’s success in the following ways:

  • Strive to understand the student experience, learning about the unique challenges and opportunities facing today’s college students.
  • Develop awareness of the support services available to students and encourage your student to identify their need and seek out assistance.
  • Encourage your student to identify, define and solve problems independently, prayerfully support your student during times of challenge and uncertainty.
  • Allow your student to: accept responsibility for their personal errors, examine their motivations, determine a solution and establish a different action plan for the future.
  • Understand your role as mentor to your student. Promote self-advocacy by empowering your student to make decisions independently.
  • Know and understand your limitations to access student records, as delineated in Corban’s FERPA policy (Family Education Rights Privacy Act).
  • Be alert to signs of distress in your student (prolonged sadness, loneliness, stress, etc.) and discuss your concerns openly. Assist your student in developing a plan to address the problem. If it would be helpful, our Student Life staff members are available to talk through different options and resources for your student. If you’re concerned about the immediate safety of your student, contact Campus Safety.

*“The Influence of Parenting Styles, Achievement Motivation, and Self-Efficacy on Academic Performance in College Students.” Journal of College Student Development, 50(3), 337-346. Turner, E.A., Chandler, M. and Heffer, R.W. 2009.