Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fee schedule can look complicated, but we want you to have as much information as possible to understand the costs. As you register, the fee associated with each course will be visible in Populi. These fees will appear on your student account when the semester is billed.

If you have questions, please contact Student Financial Services at or 503-375-7030.

Traditional Undergraduate (TUG) Tuition Package – 2022-2023

Description Cost per Year
Tuition Package Rate (12-18 credits per semester) $34,699
Per credit rate above 18 hours per semester $500

Tuition per Credit Hour

Undergraduate (2022-2023 Academic Year) Cost per Credit
Traditional Undergraduate (TUG) Part-time Tuition (1-5 credits)* $575
Traditional Undergraduate (TUG) Part-time Tuition (6-11 credits)* $880
Early Admit/Dual Credit $65
Study Abroad Tuition per program
Online Undergraduate Program Tuition $440
Graduate and Post-Graduate (2022-2023 Academic Year)
School of Business Graduate Tuition (MBA, MBIA) $499
Master in Exercise and Fitness Management Tuition (MEFM) $499
Master of Public Administration Tuition $499
Master of Public Safety Administration Tuition $499
Graduate Education Tuition (M.S.Ed., GTL) $575
Graduate Counseling Tuition (M.A.) $570
School of Ministry Graduate Tuition (M.A., M.Div.) $450
School of Ministry Post-Graduate Tuition (D.Min.) $415

* Eligibility for Corban scholarships and grants requires full-time enrollment.


Food & Housing Cost Per Semester 2022-2023

Standard Housing Options Cost per Semester
Balyo or Davidson Standard $3,272
Prewitt / Van Gilder Standard $2,997
Aagard Standard $2,997
Townhouses $2,997
Special Request Housing Options
Balyo or Davidson Single $4,072
Prewitt / Van Gilder Single $3,797
Aagard Single $3,497
Weekly Meal Plans (for on-campus residents)
Weekly 19 $2,491
Weekly 17 $2,347
Weekly 15 $2,257
Block Meal Plans (for upperclassmen, townhouse residents, and commuters)
Block 200 $2,116
Block 100 $1,063
Block 50 $534

Housing and Meal Plan Options Flyer

General Fees per Semester – 2022-2023

Additional Fees (charged as applicable) Cost per Semester
Traditional Undergraduate Student Activity Fee* $499
Health Services Fee $35
Parking Permit Fee** $35
Enrollment Fee for New Students^ $150
Technology Fee (online undergrad students only) $40
Independent Study Fee $300 per course
Association Fees (for specific programs)
Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology (majors and minors) $85
School of Ministry (majors and minors) $45
Counseling Psychology (majors and minors) $25

*Student activity fee funds student government, events, services, technology, intramurals, and security. This fee is required for all TUG students enrolled for 6 or more credits.

**Parking permit fee of $35 per semester charged for each vehicle a student registers for parking on campus.

^A one-time enrollment fee of $150 will be charged to each new traditional undergraduate student.

Course Fees

See academic catalog for complete list of course fees.


Estimated Additional Costs of Attendance

(not paid to Corban)

Expense Cost per Year
Books and Supplies $1,000
Transportation $1,500
Personal Expenses $2,500