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Corban University

Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fee schedule can look complicated, but we want you to have as much information as possible to understand the costs. As you register, the fee associated with each course will be visible in SIS. These fees will appear on your student account when the semester is billed.

If you would like to view a personalized financial statement (Balance Estimator) that will help you with your financial planning, please contact Financial Services at or 503-375-7030.

Tuition per Credit Hour – 2020-2021


Description Amount per credit
Undergraduate Tuition $1,350.00
Early Admit/Dual Credit $65.00
Study Abroad Tuition Per Program
Online Undergraduate Program Tuition $420.00
School of Business Graduate Tuition (MBA, MBIA) $499.00
Master of Leadership in Kinesiology Tuition $499.00
Master of Public Administration Tuition $499.00
Master of Public Safety Administration Tuition $499.00
Graduate Education Tuition (M.S.Ed., GTL) $570.00
Graduate Counseling Tuition (M.A.) $570.00
School of Ministry Graduate Tuition (M.A., M.Div.) $395.00
School of Ministry Post-Graduate Tuition (D.Min.) $415.00


Undergrad Tuition Package – 2020-2021


Description Amount per semester
Tuition Package Credits 12–18 Credit Hours
Tuition Package Rate $16,595.00
Per credit rate above 18 hours $500.00


Room and Meal Plan Cost Per Semester 2019-2020

(updates for 2020-2021 coming soon)

Description Amount per semester
Room Rate $2,926.00
Meal Plans  
*Access 7 Premium $2,382.00
*Access 5 Premium $2,296.00
*Access 7 $2,232.00
*Access 5 $2,146.00
§ Cash Value Plan 1 $775.00
§ Cash Value Plan 2 $467.00
§ Cash Value Plan 3 $250.00
* A meal plan is required for all Residents. Premium plans include additional Warrior Dollars.
§ Available for commuters and Townhouse residents only.


General Fees per Semester – 2020-2021


Description Amount per Semester
Traditional Undergraduate Student Activity Fee $499.00
Student Activity Fee (1-6 credits) $0.00
Enrollment Fee (First semester of attendance only) $150.00
Technology Fee (Grad and Online studies only) $40.00


Course Fees

See academic catalog for complete list of course fees.