Student Stress Calendar

The college years are an exciting time of growth and discovery for the college student, but with every season of growth there are times of challenge. Here we lay out for you the “typical” stresses that students experience during their college years so you can anticipate their needs and know how to pray for them.


  • Homesickness
  • Students on medications may have trouble due to mismanagement of medications
  • International students sense confusion, vulnerability, and the lack of an advocate
  • Roommate differences and social adjustments
  • Feelings of inadequacy might develop


  • Freshmen begin to realize that college life isn’t as perfect as they thought.
  • Overwhelmed by time management pressures
  • The novelty is gone; some question God’s leading to Corban
  • New students may struggle with finding friends
  • Addictive behavior may start to surface


  • Economic anxiety surfaces
  • Academic pressure due to finals and class selection for the spring
  • Pressure over plans for Thanksgiving – for some, anxiety over being home
  • Depression and anxiety increase because of feelings that one should have adjusted to the college environment by now
  • Questions begin over whether to come back second semester


  • Increased stress as final exams approach
  • Extra-curricular time strain
  • Pre-Christmas depression for those who have difficult home lives
  • Financial strain because of Christmas gifts, traveling costs, etc.


  • Apprehension over returning to new relationships
  • Emotional stress due to family issues that surfaced over vacation
  • Renewed commitment to academics
  • Students may drop classes to help alleviate academic pressure
  • Start considering housing situation for next year


  • Couples begin to establish stronger ties (engagement) or experience weakening of established ones


  • “Senioritis” sets in
  • Concern over how grades will end up
  • Decision and direction over summer jobs or ministry
  • Housing selection process can cause social anxiety and a fear of being excluded
  • Inability to make a vocational choice might cause anxiety
  • “Sophomore slump”: most have completed general studies—now what?


  • Apprehension or sadness over leaving relationships established during the year
  • Seniors panic