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Corban University


Best History Major

History is a field for inquisitive minds. As you explore the stories behind famous names and well-known dates, you’ll be challenged to interpret the past, explain its significance and discover its relevance for today.

91% of Corban history majors who apply to graduate are accepted to study at respected research universities in both the United States and Great Britain.

Is History the right major for you?

Yes, if:

  • You’re fascinated by the past, especially the ideas, events, and people who have impacted our world.
  • You are a clear communicator, both verbally and in writing.
  • You’re intrigued by other cultures and different ways of viewing the world.
  • You enjoy tackling complex problems from multiple angles.
  • The idea of interacting with the past through diaries, private letters, or court records excites you.

What You’ll Learn

Corban history students study historically significant events and ideas using a Christian lens for intellectual assessment. Core courses provide a broad understanding of history around the world. Then, you can choose elective courses in American and world history, based on your specific interests and career goals.

Some of the courses you may take include:

  • Turning Points in History
  • Colonial & Revolutionary America
  • History of the Middle East
  • American Religious History
  • History of Modern Africa
  • A History of Film
  • History of American Foreign Relations
  • Sport in American Culture
  • Developing Nations
  • Christian Ethics & the Problem of Evil in World War II

Program Worksheets


  • Dr. Scot Bruce – Full Professor of History, Chair of Social Sciences
  • John Scott –  Associate Professor of History

Unique Opportunities & Experiences

Study Abroad

Corban’s many study abroad and study tour options give history students the opportunity to explore and experience the places where history lived. See the Bible come to life in Israel, study in the historic colleges of Oxford, England, or choose any other study abroad program to enhance your appreciation of our world and its rich history.

Honors Program

While Corban’s Honors Program is open to students of any major, history majors in particular value this opportunity to dive even deeper into classical studies, including history, literature, philosophy and the arts. Learn more.

Willamette Heritage Center

Corban has an association with the award-winning Willamette Heritage Center—one of Oregon’s premier museums of history. Corban students have the opportunity to do historical research and to have articles of requisite merit published in the journal Willamette Valley Voices. Corban students have also contributed to the Center’s online history website.

Career Opportunities

Studying the human experience, past and present, reveals a more complete picture of God’s impact in the world and prepares you to be a Christian thought leader in today’s culture. Corban’s history degree lays the foundation for graduate school and careers such as:

  • History Professor
  • Historian
  • Attorney
  • Diplomat
  • Museum Director / Curator
  • Government Researcher / Archivist
  • Intelligence Analyst