Study Abroad

Pick from several study abroad programs that will enhance your college experience. You can study with and learn from knowledgeable professors at Oxford University, learn how to incorporate Christian values in the film industry in Los Angeles, or immerse yourself in history in the Middle East. At Corban, you aren’t limited to Salem. You have many opportunities to see the world!


Studying abroad through our partner programs develops responsive, globally-engaged Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. Consider your calling and career while earning credits toward your Corban University bachelor’s degree abroad.

Program Outcomes

You’ve probably heard that “travel is the best education.” Studying abroad allows you to expand your academic experience, as well as enrich the following:

  • Make a difference: Become a life-long learner, committed to cultural understanding in an ongoing process of learning, growth, and adjustment.
  • Expand your perspective: Emerge from study abroad with a worldview wider than Salem, Oregon, or North America.
  • Practice cultural responsiveness: Connect with your host families, communities, and countries.
  • Connect study abroad to academic success: Integrate study abroad into your field(s) of study.
  • Carry out the Great Commission: Know the place of your faith in the world.

CCCU Programs

Corban students can participate in any GlobalEd program offered by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU). Study internationally or explore your passion for music, film, or politics in the U.S. Whichever program you choose, it’s sure to be a life-changing experience.

Other Opportunities

The following independent programs are some that Corban students have pursued in the past, but require applying directly to the program.

  • Seville – Semester in Spain
    Trinity Christian College offers an immersive program for undergraduates with beginning, intermediate, or advanced Spanish-language skills.

Study Tours

Study tours give you the opportunity to experience another culture without spending an entire semester away. These faculty-led tours typically happen in May and take about two weeks. Turkey, Uganda, Israel, and Honduras are just a few of the locations you could explore.

Financial Aid

Corban University institutional financial aid does not apply to GlobalEd or other study abroad programs. Most federal and state grants and loans are applicable to GlobalEd and other study abroad options. Current and prospective students may consult with the Office of Financial Aid on the financial aid resources available to help cover the cost of these programs.