Center for Global Engagement

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Center for Global Engagement

Join a growing, Gospel-driven and globally minded community at Corban.

The Corban University Center for Global Engagement (CGE) provides a place for scholars to work together to discuss and address global issues affecting Christian education, the church, and other Christian organizations working to further the gospel in international contexts. Corban University activates its global mission through international initiatives and partnerships, global scholars, professional development and academic study programs for both domestic and international students. We believe global competence and cultural adaptability is a must for Christian thought leaders to succeed internationally and in a variety of national, ethnic, and organizational cultures.

  • Global Partnerships: The CGE serves as an incubator for new student initiatives aimed at creatively responding to global challenges.
  • Global Scholars Program: Corban faculty and global scholars involved in the CGE conduct research, teach internationally, lead gospel-focused projects and facilitate student learning opportunities.
  • Study Abroad: The Center provides holistic support to empower students to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ in strategic international sites.
  • Corban Language Institute: Corban University’s year-round and short-term summer ESL (English as a Second Language) courses prepare students with the language and cultural skills they need to succeed in a globalizing world.

Key Strategies

Working collaboratively with the academic and administrative entities of the university, and through outreach initiatives to external constituencies, the Center for Global Engagement promotes internationalization through:

  1. Global scholar and professional development programs
  2. Scholarship and presentations
  3. International initiatives and partnerships

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