Translating Texts for Tomorrow

Eighty percent of the world’s population are oral learners – people who cannot read or learn best by oral means. To make the Bible accessible to the illiterate, translation of the Bible must occur in every language in written and oral forms. Most Bible-less people groups are oral learners, yet audio Bibles are only available in fewer than 130 languages. To reach the needs of the global Church, translators need to convert 6,400 languages into written and oral forms.

These tasks of translating, adapting, and sharing the Bible now converge in Israel. Whole Word Institute is committed to advancing access and engagement with the whole Word of God for every language, culture, and people.

The goal of Whole Word Institute is to have ongoing translation of the Hebrew Old Testament in every language by 2033. Their unique strategy is to train mother-tongue consultants, teachers and translators. Traditional translation work has required translators to learn both a biblical language and a target language. Whole Word Institute provides biblical Hebrew training to nationals who already know the language and culture of the target translation.

Capitalizing on the surroundings in modern Israel, Whole Word Institute offers a unique approach to biblical language learning by combining three strands: biblical Hebrew immersion, biblical land and culture, and a live-learn environment. This is a one-of-a-kind program that immerses translators in biblical Hebrew. They will be better prepared to make independent and informed decisions in their Old Testament translation projects.

Corban University’s partnership with Whole Word Institute offers a 48-credit graduate certificate in biblical Hebrew translation. The eight-month graduate certificate will equip beginner-level participants with the skills necessary to translate the Old Testament directly into their native languages. Students may also choose to earn a Master of Arts in Classical Hebrew from Corban through Whole Word. Additional educational opportunities for Israel are currently in discussion.

Will you work with us to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ through Old Testament Bible translation at Whole Word Institute?

For more information, contact:

Dr. Greg Trull
Dean, School of Ministry