Refund Policy for Withdrawal and Return of Federal Financial Aid

Policies on Removal of Institutional Charges and Financial Aid

If it becomes necessary for a student to withdraw from a semester after commencing attendance, the student must initiate the withdrawal process by notifying the Corban University Office of the Registrar.

Financial aid is prorated based on the number of days the student attended, up to the 60% point in the semester. If a student’s withdrawal date is after the 60% point in the semester, there is no adjustment to financial aid.

Please note, in some cases dropping a class taught in a module format (i.e., an eight-week class) may be considered a withdrawal. Please refer to the “Programs Taught in Modules Have Special Rules” section in the Corban University catalog.

If the student received federal financial aid, the financial aid office will perform the required federal aid “Return to Title IV” funds calculation and adjust federal aid accordingly. This will be completed within 45 days after the date of determination that the student withdrew. A revised financial aid award letter will be provided to the student.

If a student received Corban-funded aid, it may be prorated based on the time the student was enrolled. In cases where a student has received a refund check for living expenses or other educational related expenses, the student may be required to return unearned financial aid funds to the University. Federal financial aid is returned in the following order: Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans (other than PLUS Loans), Federal Direct Subsidized Loans, Federal Direct PLUS Loans, Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program, Federal TEACH Grants, then the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.

If the withdrawal date occurs after the 60% point in the semester, there is no aid adjustment.

In the event that financial aid has not yet been disbursed to a student’s account at the time of withdrawal, the student will receive a post-withdrawal disbursement of aid in the amount for which they are eligible. This will be completed within 45 days after the date of determination that the student withdrew.

Add/Drop Period

The add/drop period for Corban’s traditional undergraduate program is 10 days after the first day of class. The specific add/drop date for a given semester can be found in the academic calendar.

If a student withdraws during the add/drop period, tuition will be refunded. However, if a student incurred room and board expenses, those charges will be prorated. Students may be eligible for a prorated amount of financial aid regardless of how many days they were enrolled.

Students enrolled in a program other than the traditional undergraduate program should check with their academic advisor or program chair to determine the add/drop date for the semester.

Date of Determination

The date a student notifies the Office of the Registrar of their withdrawal will be considered the Date of Determination (DOD). If a student fails to report their withdrawal to the Office of the Registrar, the DOD will be the date the school became aware the student ceased attendance. The DOD should not be more than 30 days after the last date of the semester.


If a return of federal funds calculation is required after a withdrawal, and that calculation determines that the student is required to return an overpayment of federal aid to the school, the student must repay the overpayment or make payment arrangements with the Office of Financial Services within 45 days of the DOD.

If a student does not repay the overpayment or make payment arrangements during that 45-day period, the University is required to report a federal aid overpayment to the Department of Education. In such a case, the student would not be eligible for additional federal financial aid (even at other schools) until the overpayment is paid in full.

Withdrawal Date

When students withdraw from the University, the date the Office of the Registrar is notified will be considered the withdrawal date. If a student fails to report their withdrawal to the Office of the Registrar, the withdrawal date will be the midpoint of the semester. However, on a case-by-case basis, the withdrawal date may be the documented last date of attendance or participation in an academically related activity. Examples of why a student may not report their withdrawal include illness, accident, grievous personal loss, or other circumstances beyond the student’s control. If a student ceases participation in academically related activities, they may be administratively withdrawn by the University at any point in the term.



No tuition or fee refunds will be granted for individual classes dropped after the close of registration. However, courses changed or cancelled by the University that affect tuition and course-related fees will be fully refunded.

If a student fully withdraws from the University, the following tuition refund policy applies:

For 15-week courses:

Weeks 1-2 100% refund
Weeks 3-4 75% refund
Weeks 5-8 50% refund
Week 9 40% refund
Weeks 10-16 0% refund

For 8-week courses:

Week 1 100% refund
Week 2 75% refund
Weeks 3-4 50% refund
Week 5 40% refund
Weeks 6-8 0% refund