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Corban University

Staff Members

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Troy Adevai Grounds Supervisor 503-375-7031
Janine Allen Associate Provost for Global Engagement 541-554-7197
Kyle Anthony Admissions Counselor, Graduate 503-375-7011
Lori Barnes Assistant Athletic Trainer 503-589-8106
Rebekah Benham Director of Communication 503-375-7093
Norm Berney Head Coach, Cross Country and Track 503-480-8008
Amit Bhatia Director Of Osci Extension 503-375-7125
Gabriel Biddulph Maintenance Worker 503-375-7031
Susan Bos Online Undergraduate Admissions Counselor 503-375-7197
Laura Brokaw Administrative Coordinator, Admissions 503-375-7195
Jennifer Bruce Assistant Director of Financial Aid 503-375-7032
Michelle Bruhn Administrative Assistant Arts & Sciences, HSB 503-375-7161
Roy Bunch Assessment Coordinator 503-589-8112
Gregorio Cardenas Vazquez Custodial Worker 503-375-7031
Kathy Clarke Administrative Assistant to Facilities and Campus Operations 503-375-7157
Susan Coleman Executive Assistant to the President
Tom Cornman Provost 503-375-7015
Melissa Cribbs Custodial Worker 503-375-7031
Sonya Croff Payroll Specialist/Accounting Specialist II 503-589-8161
Troy Croff Project Manager, University Facilities 503-375-7168
Sarah Davis Cataloguer and User Services Manager 503-375-7028
Keegan Davis Head Coach, Wrestling 503-316-3378
Stryder Davis Head Coach, Women’s Wrestling
Ron Dean Maintenance Worker 503-375-7031
Ken Driver Data Manager 503-375-7169
Liz Dodd Operations and Activities Coordinator 503-589-8155
Lawrence Dodds Custodial Supervisor 503-589-8153
Connie Edgar Materials Processing Manager 503-589-8194
Eugene Edwards Associate Dean of Service and Operations 503-375-7085
Holly Flores Executive Assistant, Advancement 503-316-3383
Caleb Foreman Student Accounts Specialist 503-375-7012
Joe Gadbaugh COVID Care Team Residential Services Coordinator
Kathy Gallagher Payroll & Benefits Manager 503-375-7181
Richard Gallagher Maintenance Supervisor 503-589-8176
Jenny Garrard Athletic Trainer 503-589-8160
Shawnee Garza Student Accounts Specialist 503-375-7019
Nathan Geer Dean of Students 503-589-8192
Brenda Gibson Director of Information Services 503-589-7110
Angie Giordano Accounting Clerk/Accounts Payable 503-375-7043
Karen Goertzen University Registrar 503-375-7104
Derick Gonzalez Groundskeeper 503-375-7031
Josh Hawes AV & Media Technology Manager
Lisa Hinman Interim Director of Human Resources
Danyelle Huber Head Softball Coach Athletics
Emily Jackson Undergraduate Admissions Counselor 503-375-7022
JJ Jones Custodial Worker 503-375-7031
Tim Kagey Head Coach Mens Soccer 503-589-8127
Mitchell Kellogg Financial Aid Counselor 503-589-8128
Kaelie Kendall Graphic Designer 503-316-3365
Taylor Kelly Head Coach Men’s Basketball 503-589-8156
Derek Legg Head Coach, Baseball 503-375-7176
Jordan Lindsey Director of Admissions 503-375-7156
Conner Locke Area Coordinator (Balyo and Davidson Halls) 503-315-2940
Charlie Marshall Head Coach Men’s And Women’s Golf 503-375-7021
Mandy McGath Mail Services Supervisor 503-375-7112
Mary McGlothlan Director of Student Financial Services 503-375-7105
Kim McLain Head Coach, Volleyball 503-589-8172
Kylie McMinn Head Coach Women’s Lacrosse 503-375-7082
Jake Michalovich Undergraduate Admissions Counselor 503-375-7008
Dan Morrow Transfer Admissions Counselor 503-375-7023
Rebecca Mundt Data Support Specialist 503-375-7129
Jason Overstreet Technical Director 503-316-3370
Zach Paul Accounting Specialist I 503-589-8151
Tricia Phillips Executive Assistant to the Provost 503-375-7015
Bill Pilgeram Head Coach, Women’s Basketball 503-589-8104
Candice Pilgeram Registrar Office Support Specialist 503-375-7018
Caity Pilgeram Welcome Desk Receptionist
Gregory Potter Maintenance Worker 503-375-7031
Brandy Ragain Head Athletic Trainer 503-589-8193
Steve Reed Director Of Career Services 503-375-7189
Brenda Roth Vice President for Student Life 503-589-8189
Mike Roth Director of Campus Safety/Chief of Security 503-589-8152
Susan Roth Assistant Athletic Director, Internal Operations 503-375-7589
Kara Sappington Assoc. Director of CLI Curriculum & Student Support 503-375-7124
Anthony Saviola Assistant Athletic Trainer 503-589-8108
Brad Shelton Groundskeeper 503-375-7031
Alli Small Director of Digital Development & Resources 503-375-7193
Connor Suing Accountant
Felicia Squires Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty
Matthew Spears Assistant Director Of Info Services 503-375-7191
Erich Steinmetz Assistant Athletic Trainer
Janet Syverson Associate Director of Student Support 503-375-7119
Jarett Thoren Director of Athletic Communications 503-375-7020
Megan Trahan Administrative Assistant-Licensure/Place 503-589-8175
Josh Trammell Staff Writer 503-375-7027
Garrett Trott Librarian 503-589-8116
Linda Troyer Lab Manager
Shirley Turner Director of Alumni & Parent Relations 503-375-7130
Ian Ussery Graduate Admissions Counselor 503-375-7097
Olga Velazquez Custodial Worker 503-375-7031
Chris Vetter Vice Provost for Enrollment Management 503-589-8180
Diana Villalpando Head Athletic Trainer 503-375-7087
Rich Weber Associate Provost for Non-Traditional Learning
Dee Wendler Controller and Associate Vice President for Finance 503-375-7020
Andrew Wheeler Technical Coordinator
Katie Williford Assistant Director Of Student Accounts 503-375-7035
Chad Woodward User Services Manager 503-375-7037