KAIROS Accelerated M.Div.

College + Seminary in 5 Years

Feeling led toward full-time vocational ministry?

Get ready for an exciting journey! You’re going to need an understanding of the Bible, thick skin, radical love, and plenty of ministry tools.

That’s where Corban comes in.

With the KAIROS Accelerated Master of Divinity, you can get started on the adventure of ministry sooner than you think. In just five years, you can finish your bachelor’s and your M.Div. Traditional bachelor’s and M.Div. programs would take you 7-9 years to complete.

You’ll save time and money, but more importantly, you’ll be equipped every step of the way with mentorship, accountability, and discipleship. Not only will you receive sound theological training, but you’ll also be challenged to mature in your faith and develop critical ministry skills such as preaching, counseling, and church administration.

How It Works

Corban’s KAIROS program is uniquely designed for YOU.

Years 1-2: You’ll take 73 undergraduate credits, including your general education requirements such as writing and history.

Years 3-5: You’ll take 85 graduate-level credits designed to count toward BOTH your bachelor’s and M.Div.

This accelerated format will save you a significant amount of time, allowing you to get started on your graduate work sooner and avoid taking similar courses twice. Typical B.A. and M.Div. degrees double up on some classes in Bible, theology, and spiritual formation, but the KAIROS program streamlines the training process so you’ll quickly move to the advanced seminary version of courses and still receive a high-quality, on-campus ministry education.

A significant portion of your coursework will be focused specifically on ministerial training—including homiletics (preaching), pastoral counseling, and church administration—so you’ll be ready to enter full-time ministry immediately after graduation.

In addition to rigorous academic studies, you’ll belong to a cohort of students who meet weekly for accountability, discipleship, and mentoring, helping you to grow emotionally and spiritually throughout your program.

Save $30,000+ in Tuition

By streamlining your degree, you can save up to two years’ worth of tuition. Plus, you’ll get to be actively involved in full-time ministry that much sooner.

What You’ll Learn

The KAIROS program is designed to give you the theological foundation and practical training you need to serve the Lord in full-time pastoral ministry. During your freshman year, the Introduction to Ministry course will help you assess your ministry interests and strengths. Practical experiences in ministry throughout the program will further develop your strengths as you engage in ministry leadership and prepare to follow God’s vocational leading for your life.

You’ll also develop proficiency in Greek and Hebrew so you can read the Bible directly in the original languages and get maximum insight into God’s Word.

Unique Experiences

Saving two years doesn’t mean taking shortcuts in ministry experience or spiritual maturity. You’ll have opportunities exclusive to KAIROS students that will challenge and strengthen your faith and give you a real life understanding of what it means to be a pastor and Christian leader.

In the KAIROS program, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Serve cross-culturally alongside faculty

Corban faculty regularly travel overseas to places such as Greece, Peru, the Czech Republic, and Uganda. Currently, Corban faculty oversee a pastor training program in Uganda, equipping church leaders in areas such as theology, mentorship, and church planting. You’ll have the opportunity to join them and minister to Ugandan church leaders.

Explore Bible lands

You’ll have the opportunity to join faculty on academic study tours to Israel and other Bible Lands. See where Jesus walked and Paul preached—and where major world religions continue to intersect— as you travel with faculty to Israel and other Bible Lands. Become a student of Middle Eastern culture as you visit historical biblical sites and understand Scripture from a more geographically-informed perspective.

Intern with local churches

You’ll be required to complete a variety of internships and practicums with local churches, in areas that align with your interests and strengths. Not only will you gain hands-on experience in your chosen areas of ministry, but you’ll also build relationships with local church leaders and congregations, setting you up for a natural transition into full-time vocational ministry when you graduate.

Gain preaching experience

By the time you graduate from the KAIROS program, you’ll have developed your exegesis skills, preached in front of an audience, and received detailed feedback.

Weekly meetings and annual retreats with ministry faculty

You won’t just be gaining knowledge of God’s Word—you’ll be consistently challenged to live it out, examining your own heart to see where maturity and growth is needed. Faculty and fellow classmates will be there every step of the way, meeting weekly for accountability and discipleship, and even going on annual retreats for intentional time challenging one another toward godliness.