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Corban University

KAIROS Accelerated M.Div.

Masters of Divinity

College + Seminary in 5 Years

Feeling led toward ministry? Get ready for an exciting journey!

You’re going to need an understanding of the Bible, thick skin, radical love and plenty of ministry tools.

With the KAIROS Accelerated Master of Divinity, recent high school graduates like you can get started on the adventure of ministry sooner than you think. Instead of seven years of study, you can get the same high-quality, on-campus education in just five years! You’ll save money and be prepared to step right into church-based ministry as much as two years faster than normal.

Plus, you could qualify for a $2,000 KAIROS Scholarship!

Earn Two Accredited Degrees

Thanks to a special partnership, you’ll earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Ministry from Corban University and a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Western Seminary—two schools with a reputation for excellence in Christian ministry preparation and faithfulness to the gospel.


Earning a B.A. usually takes about four years, and an M.Div. usually takes three more. But by eliminating overlapping content and taking full class loads, you can finish both degrees in five years without missing anything. Typical B.A. and M.Div. degrees double up on some classes in Bible, theology, and spiritual formation. The KAIROS program streamlines the training process so you’ll quickly move to the advanced seminary version of courses and still receive a high-quality, on-campus ministry education.

Save $30,000 in Tuition

By streamlining your degree, you can save up to two years’ worth of tuition and avoid some of the debt troubling many pastoral ministry graduates. Even better, you’ll get to be actively involved in full-time ministry that much sooner.

What You’ll Learn

The KAIROS program is designed to give you the theological foundation and practical training you need to serve the Lord in full-time pastoral ministry. During your freshman year, the Introduction to Ministry course will help you assess your ministry interests and strengths. Practical experiences in ministry throughout the program will further develop your strengths as you engage in ministry leadership and prepare to follow God’s vocational leading for your life.

Choose between two concentrations. The key difference is the amount of language study required.

  • Foundational Languages (B.A.)
    Develop proficiency in Greek and Hebrew so you can read the Bible directly in the original languages and get maximum insight into God’s Word.
  • Functional Languages (B.S.)
    Build familiarity with the basic grammar and structure of Greek and Hebrew in conjunction with Bible software to help you utilize the original languages in your study of Scripture.

Unique Experiences

Saving two years doesn’t mean taking shortcuts in ministry experience or spiritual maturity. You’ll have opportunities exclusive to KAIROS students that will challenge and strengthen your faith and give you a real life understanding of what it means to be a pastor and Christian leader. You will join an international trip to train Christian leaders in year three, and be involved in mentored field experience in years four and five.

Field Ministry
During the freshman year, students complete the Introduction to Ministry course. This course helps the students to assess their own ministry interests and strengths, and guides them towards the most compatible ministry contexts and fields of service. Students then take two annual practica, each offering increasing leadership responsibilities.

In their fourth and fifth years, students continue their field ministry in the seminary’s structured Ministry Leadership Formation program. During four semesters of supervised ministry, students integrate and apply their studies through sharing in pastoral duties in a local congregation. Consistent throughout the five years of study is the weekly small group practicum seminar with faculty.

Cross-Cultural Practicum
During the summer between the second and third years of study, Kern students will have the opportunity to accompany faculty to Cameroon, West Africa, and participate in a pastoral leadership training course for nationals. KAIROS students will share in the teaching and field learning ministries.