Intercultural Education

Intercultural Education

Be equipped to teach Bible and other subjects in international or cross-cultural settings where education can literally change lives.*

As an intercultural educator, you may have opportunities to enter countries that are closed to missionaries and make a significant impact for Jesus Christ through your work and the relationships you build.

*This degree does not lead to a state teaching license, but does provide an ACSI Bible Specialist professional certification.

Is Intercultural Education the right major for you?

Yes, if:

  • The idea of seeing someone gain fundamental skills and Bible knowledge is exciting to you.
  • You have a patient, kind, and empathetic personality.
  • You want to use your teaching skills to serve cross-culturally.
  • You enjoy learning about other cultures and languages.
  • You are willing to risk some discomfort and ambiguity to live in an overseas context.

Career Options

The intercultural education program equips students to teach Bible in Christian schools and to teach overseas in a variety of cross-cultural settings.

What You’ll Learn

This hybrid ministry and education degree combines a strong foundation of Bible, ministry and intercultural studies with fundamental education theory and practice. You will take courses such as:

  • Intercultural Communication
  • Interpreting Scripture
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Language & Culture Acquisition
  • Learning & Living Old Testament History
  • Contemporary Missiological Issues
  • Classroom Management
  • Learning & Living Gospels & Acts
  • Child & Adolescent Development

You will also take four graduate-level courses as part of your bachelor’s degree:

  • Growing in the Lord
  • Becoming a Servant Leader
  • Teaching Scripture
  • Ministering Cross-Culturally

Program Worksheet

Intercultural Education (B.S.)