Get Involved

Want to support theatre at Corban? There are multiple ways:

  • Provide financial assistance as a member of Corban Arts Supporters of Theatre (more information below).
  • Volunteer in our productions. We are always looking for help in costuming, set-construction, publicity, and concessions. We also need meal-providers during tech week and performances. For more information or to volunteer, contact us at
  • Like our Facebook page. Engage in the community there and share our events to spread the word.

C.A.S.T. (Corban Arts Supporters of Theatre) Membership

Any person giving at least $50 annually to Corban Theatre becomes a member. The membership year begins annually in July. New members may join at any time, but renewals will come due in July regardless of the date of membership.

C.A.S.T. exists to: 

  • Provide grants and scholarships for students in the Corban Theatre program.
  • Assist in promoting theatre attendance and community support of Corban Theatre productions.
  • Improve the quality of Corban Theatre by funding play expenses above that which regular University budgeting allows, such as props, costuming, guest technicians, and more.

Interested in becoming a member of C.A.S.T.?

Complete the Membership Form and make your gift today!

You can give to Corban Theatre either by physical check or online donations, and these can be one-time gifts or monthly amounts. Select your preference in the membership form.

Additional gifts to Corban Theatre of any amount can be made anytime by clicking here.

Questions? Contact us at

Membership Levels

  • Angels: $5,000+ annually
    • Get eight free tickets to each play
  • Sustainers: $1,200-4,999 annually
    • Get six free tickets to each play
  • Directors: $600-1,199 annually
    • Get four free tickets to each play
  • Benefactors: $300-599 annually
    • Get three free tickets to each play
  • Friends: $100-299 annually
    • Get two free tickets to each play
  • Associates: $50-99 annually
    • Get one free ticket to each play

The History of C.A.S.T.

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Richard Noland and Tamara McGinnis, C.A.S.T. (first called the Western Baptist Theatre Arts Council) has enabled drama students to participate in conferences and plays by offering scholarships. The group’s funding also supplements the University’s theatre budget, ensuring higher-quality productions. Monies are used to hire experienced technicians and to purchase props, costumes, and set materials. C.A.S.T., in short, has played a significant part not only in broadening the possibilities for theatre at Corban, but also in elevating the standard of performances.