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Corban University

Homeschool Students

Corban University welcomes students with a homeschool education. If you are looking for a school with academic strength, a Christian community and a solid biblical foundation, Corban is a great fit for you!


Corban gladly accepts homeschool transcripts as an official record of your high school academic achievements. Your transcript must include:

  1. Name of homeschool (if any) and address (typically your home address)
  2. List of classes taken each year, along with the letter grade for each class (A, B, C, etc.)
  3. GPA (grade point average) for each year
  4. Total cumulative GPA
  5. Signature of the home school registrar (typically your parent) and date signed
  6. Your graduation date

Transcript Template

Sample Transcript

How to calculate your GPA:

  1. Multiply the credits for each course by the grade points associated with the grade earned (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0)
  2. Total the points earned for all courses.
  3. Divide the total points by the total number of graded credits attempted.

Corban recommends homeschool students complete the following high school classes:

English – 4 years
Math – 3 years
Social Studies – 3 years
Science – 2 years
Foreign Language – 2 years

If you choose to take the GED, please send us an official copy of your score. We will accept a GED with a minimum score of 150 in each area and a total score of at least 600 in place of a high school transcript, but we do not require homeschool students to take the GED.

Don’t forget to send us an official transcript for any outside college courses taken so we can evaluate how they may transfer to Corban.

Need help or have questions? Please contact the Admissions Office at 800-845-3005 or