Paraprofessional Educator (A.A.)

Corban’s paraprofessional educator program prepares you to work in a variety of roles in an elementary, secondary, or school district setting. You might provide one-on-one attention to students who need extra help, assist teachers with classroom prep and classroom management, or work in school administration offices or school libraries.

In addition, you’ll have specialized coursework under your belt if you later decide to pursue a bachelor’s in education.

The education coursework of Corban’s A.A. degree meets federal requirements for highly qualified paraprofessional educators, preparing you to work in a variety of school settings.

Is the Para-Professional degree right for you?

Yes, if:

  • You love working with children.
  • You want to work in a school environment but don’t necessarily want to spend time lesson planning or grading.
  • You love being in a supporting role, allowing teachers and students to reach their full potential.
  • You’re caring, empathetic, and patient.
  • You enjoy supporting children with special needs.

Career Opportunities

With a paraprofessional educator degree, you’ll have the opportunity to work in an educational setting in a variety of capacities:

  • Instructional Assistant
  • Behavioral Assistant
  • Special Education Aide
  • School Library Technical Assistant

Many paraprofessional educators work closely or exclusively with children who have special educational needs. Others work at the district level in more administrative roles.

What You’ll Learn

Coursework in the paraprofessional educator program gives you the tools to support teachers and students in a classroom setting. In addition to key general education courses, you’ll take classes such as:

  • Intro to Education
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Child & Adolescent Development
  • Psychology of Education
  • Classroom Management & Disciplne
  • Teaching Exceptional Children

Learn what courses you’ll need to complete your degree.