The field of marketing lets you create and communicate the look, voice, and brand of a company or ministry. Explore the dynamics of communicating to a marketplace, researching market needs and desires, analyzing consumer behavior, and developing a communication plan using social media. You’ll learn how to reach the right audience with the right message for effective marketing and brand management.

Is Marketing the right major for you?

Yes, if:

  • You can adapt to change.
  • You enjoy communicating both verbally and in writing.
  • You’re organized and able to handle multiple deadlines at once.
  • You love exercising your creativity, but you can also be analytical.
  • You enjoy motivating and inspiring others.

Career Opportunities

Marketing majors use their skills to promote products, drive brand awareness, and help non-profits advertise their services. Career options include:

  • Marketing manager
  • Public relations director
  • Brand manager
  • Corporate communications manager
  • Digital marketer
  • Advertising executive

What You’ll Learn

Develop a comprehensive understanding of business basics and best practices. Then build on your core business classes with courses specific to the field of marketing, such as:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Market Research

Learn what courses you’ll need to complete your degree.

You will also get real world experience by participating in Corban Consulting Partners, ImpressibleYou™, internships, global opportunities, and more.

Corban’s marketing students have completed more than 70 marketing plans for local organizations.

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