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Corban University

Scheduling and Event Services

As part of Student Life, Schedule is your point of contact for rentals, reservations and event support both on and off campus. On this page, you will find helpful tools and resources to use as you plan and execute your event.

For upcoming events, see the Events Calendar

For instructions on how to make room reservations only on Outlook using the Desktop application or the web, please see the instructional videos below.

Room Reservations – Desktop
Room Reservations – Website

For instructions on the CERF process for events, please see the instructional video below:

CERF Process

You can also reference the instructions below to determine what category your request falls under and the next steps for implementation.

Define the origin of the Event Contact

External Groups (Community Partners): applies to anyone that is not a current staff, faculty or student at Corban University.

Regardless of the size of the event, the only step for external clients is to fill out the form below at least 3 weeks prior to the event date.

After submission, the USC (University Services Committee) will evaluate the request. Schedule will reach out to the Event Contact directly if further clarification is needed or to articulate next steps in the process.

For additional assistance, external event contacts can email or call (503)-375-7182.

Please do not advertise for your event until you receive approval from the university!

Internal Groups (Employees and Students): applies to all current staff, faculty and student personnel.

For all internal requests, Event Contacts must assess their events based on the criteria below to determine the next steps.

Determine the Category of the Event

Because events vary in size and activity, it is important to determine what category an event falls under based on the number of attendees, size of planning and number of planning partners. Below is a table that helps to decipher the category an event will generally fall under. Explanation of these categories are below:

Number of Attendees: the anticipated number of people that will be present.

Number of Departments Collaborated: how many departments are working together on the initial PLANNING of the event (i.e. for Commencement, Registrar, Academics, Campus Care, Campus Safety, Event Tech, Athletics, Food Service and Conference Services are all vital to in the planning process).

Number of USC services needed: the services represented and their primary function in the USC are below:

  1. Conference Services: tables, chairs, garbage cans, etc.
  2. Event Tech: AV, sound, projection
  3. Campus Safety: officers needed, parking requests and key requests
  4. Campus Care: facilities, maintenance and other special projects
  5. Food Service: catering and dining hall reservations
  6. Athletics: athletic facility reservations and other athletic requests
  7. Faculty Support: Psalm center reservations and other department needs
# of Attendees 0-50 51-200 200+
# of Depts


1-2 2-7 8-10+
# of USC services


1-2 3-5 6+
CERF Required? Use room reservation

process only

YES, must fill out form for USC approval Contact to schedule a meeting

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just because an event does not require a CERF does NOT mean it is not valuable to know about. Below is a table of event examples and the category they would fall under. If you are still unsure what category your event falls under, please email for clarification

**If an event is compatible with 2 or more stipulations in a specific category, assume that category is the most applicable to the event.

Events in the SMALL category:

Events that fall under this category only require a room reservation on the Outlook calendar to receive approval. Click the link for Instructions:

Events in the MEDIUM category:

Step 1: Events that fall under this category need to full out a CERF at least 2 weeks prior to the event date for the USC to effectively evaluate the logistics of the event.

Step 2: The Event Contact will receive an email from Schedule on the USC’s decision. If approved by the USC, the Event Contact needs to make a reservation for their event that is congruent with the time and location stated on the CERF.

Step 3: It is the responsibility of the Event Contact to communicate with Schedule immediately if there are any changes. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in limited accommodations and in extreme cases, cancellation of the event.

Events in the LARGE category:

Large or complex events require Event Contacts to meet directly with the Director of Campus Event Services to discuss details. Event Contacts can schedule a meeting through Because event details are destined to change, both parties should determine the frequency of meetings to encourage the most efficiency and understanding of the event.

Psalm Center Gallery

In order to reserve the gallery for art shows, please fill out the gallery request form.

For any other questions, please email or call 503-375-7183
We look forward to hearing from you soon!