Event Services

Event Services is responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and assisting all non-academic events on the Corban University Campus, both internal events and external events throughout the year. We’re here to provide exceptional service, excellent coordination and a positive environment for every event.

Corban’s Event Request Form and approval process is undergoing changes at this time. If you would like to request an event, please email eventsupport@corban.edu.

For upcoming events, see the Events Calendar.



  • Email eventsupport@corban.edu with your request.
    • Submission of this email does not guarantee use of Corban’s facilities for your event. Please do not advertise for your event until you receive approval.
    • INTERNAL events must be submitted 3 weeks prior to your event start date.
  • Our Event Coordinator will take your request to be reviewed and evaluated by our University Service Committee.
  • If approved, you will receive an email informing you of the approval and next steps in coordinating your event.


  • For event request submissions – email eventsupport@corban.edu with your request.
  • Facility Usage
    • The University’s campus may be used only for purposes and in ways consistent with the University’s doctrinal beliefs as reflected in the Bible, the Statement of Faith listed in its bylaws, and its conduct standards for its students and employees. Event contacts and guests are asked to uphold these behavioral standards for the entirety of their event(s).
  • Request Deadlines
    • Event requests must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your event start date.
  • Paperwork
    • External Groups who have been reviewed and approved to have their event on the Corban University Campus must provide the following:
      • Current Certificate of Insurance (COI)
      • 20% deposit for the estimated cost of your event
      • A signed contract
  • Event Advertising
    • Allowed only after an External Group has submitted all of the necessary paperwork described above.
    • Reference to “Corban University” should be limited to identifying the event as being “at” Corban University and in no way connotes “hosting,” “sponsorship,” or “endorsement” of the event unless otherwise agreed upon with prior written approval from Corban University.
ROOM RESERVATIONS (Internal Corban Community Only)
  • Internal groups who need to reserve a meeting space that does not need assistance with room setup, catering, tech or parking may use their Outlook calendars to make a room reservation. Room reservations do not require a C.E.R.F. to be filled out, since no assistance for your meeting is needed.
  • For all tabling requests, email eventsupport@corban.edu and the Event Coordinator will be in contact with you about your request.
  • Summer months are mid-May thru the end of July. Priority use of our campus starts with our internal community, then we open up our calendar and campus to external users on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Summer Event Housing is available for those groups who have need. Linens are not provided at this time.
  • If you are interested in hosting your camp, conference or event on the Corban Campus, both internal and external groups need to email eventsupport@corban.edu and our Event Coordinator will be in contact with you to discuss the details of your event.