Academic Scholarships


At Corban, we value the hard work you’ve already invested into your education! We’ll review your high school GPA to calculate your Academic Award level, which will automatically be reflected on your financial aid award letter.

Application Process
New freshmen will automatically be awarded an academic scholarship based on your unweighted, cumulative high school GPA. Use the chart provided to estimate your award.

Award Levels for 2024-2025

Scholarship GPA Amount
Trustee’s 3.95+ $18,000
Provost’s 3.85-3.94 $17,000
Dean’s 3.60-3.84 $16,000
Director’s 3.00-3.59 $14,000
Warrior’s <3.00 $10,000

Award Details

  • May not be combined with transfer scholastic awards.
  • May be stacked with other scholarships and grants.
  • Annually renewable.
  • Available only to traditional undergraduate students.


Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Financial Aid at or (503) 375-7006.