Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

Corban ROTC

Corban University partners with Oregon State University and Western Oregon University to offer Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), which prepares students for commissioning as officers in the U.S. Army or Air Force Reserve. You can pursue the degree of your choice at Corban University while simultaneously taking classes at Oregon State and/or Western Oregon to fulfill your ROTC requirement.

The ROTC program is specifically designed to give college students instruction and experience in the art of organizing, motivating, and leading others. You’ll be given the opportunity to develop your leadership skills as well as self-discipline, physical stamina, and professional bearing. Successful completion of the program usually leads to a commission in the Armed Forces. Terms and types of service vary according to the type of program chosen.

  • Participation in the Basic Course (usually taken during your first two years of college) entails no obligation to seek a commission or serve in the Armed Forces. Rather, it provides elective academic credit for graduation and an enhanced opportunity to compete for and win ROTC two- and three-year scholarships.
  • Entering the Advanced Course (usually taken your final two years of college) or accepting an ROTC scholarship may entail an obligation to join the U.S. Armed Forces upon graduation, depending on the type of program chosen.

The ROTC program is available to undergraduate students enrolled full time at Corban with at least two academic years of study remaining in their program. ROTC students may major in the area of their choice (except theology) and must fulfill the requirements of their major in addition to ROTC requirements.

Air Force ROTC (Aerospace Studies)

Corban University partners with Oregon State University’s Air Force ROTC and allows you to compete for a commission as an officer in the United States Air Force. Opportunities exist for well-qualified students from all fields. Scholarship opportunities are especially bright for students with technical majors related to science, engineering, and mathematics. The Air Force is particularly interested in students who are leaning toward careers in rated positions such as pilot. Three- and four-year programs are available.

For more information, visit or contact the Air Force ROTC Detachment 685 at 541-737-3511  or

Army ROTC (Military Science)

The Military Science program is designed primarily for students interested in earning a commission in the active or reserve military forces of the U.S. while pursuing a degree in a selected major. Corban University cooperates with Western Oregon University’s Army ROTC, which allows you to serve in the Active Army, Army National Guard, or Army Reserve upon graduation.

For more information, visit or contact CPT Shawn Plumb, Assistant Professor of Military Science, at 503-838-8353 or

If you have additional questions, contact Corban University’s Admissions team at or 503-589-8151.