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How to Initiate a Review

In order to conduct research with human subjects, all researchers must submit a Human Subjects Review (HSR) application which includes a completed form, evidence of human subject research training, an abstract of the research project, and a copy of all research instruments. Some projects may also require a letter of informed consent (see About Informed Consent).

The researcher must submit the application and related material to the chair of the Human Subjects Review Committee (HSRC). The HSRC may use one of three types of review when evaluating HSR applications: Full Review, Expedited Review, or Exempt Review (see Levels of Review).

From the information provided, the chair will determine which type of review is required. Upon completion of the review, the researcher will be notified within three days whether the proposal is accepted or denied . If there are ethical concerns with the research project, the researcher may be asked to submit additional material or may be requested to meet with the committee to discuss particulars of the research process.

Data collection may not begin until the researcher receives written confirmation that the proposal has been approved.

HSR Application Process