About the Institutional Review Board

An Institutional Review Board (IRB), as defined by Federal Regulation 45 CFR Part 46 Section 107, is a different body from the Human Subjects Review Committee (HSRC), though the HSRC members may serve on the board.

All research proposals that are federally or state funded or receive money from a private foundation or from Corban University must be reviewed by an IRB.

An IRB must consist of at least five members with varying discipline and research methodology backgrounds. Each IRB must include at least one member who is not otherwise affiliated with the institution and who has no conflicts of interest (not part of the immediate family of a person affiliated with the institution nor affiliated with the research study under review).

The HSRC policies and procedures will serve as a guide for the IRB, except where those policies or procedures are in conflict with this definition or Federal Regulation 45 CFR Part 46.