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Faculty Features

August 26, 2019

Beautiful Proofs: Megan Boes Shares Her Journey to Christ and Passion for Teaching Mathematics

“I view math as a language used to describe and understand our natural world, both tangibly and abstractly. When we follow its logic, we often find ourselves with breathtaking supernatural results. I like to share this logical language lens with students, and watch how they use it.”

July 24, 2019

Faculty Sandra Flint Shares what it Takes to be a Criminal Justice Professional

“I’ll bring donuts for the person who can find the word ‘privacy’ in the U.S. Constitution,” says Sandra Flint. Although she’s been teaching part-time at Corban University since 2015, Flint’s upcoming retirement from the FBI has freed her to accept a full-time faculty position this fall in the Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology programs.

January 21, 2019

What Does it Mean to Be Well? Dr. Doug Crowell Brings a Biblical Perspective to Exercise Science

What does it mean to be healthy? What does it mean to be well? Exercise science professor Dr. Doug Crowell challenges his students to view health and wellness from a different perspective than popular culture—a perspective he had to learn the hard way in college.

October 15, 2018

Physics as a Spiritual Science: Dr. Yufeng Zhao Shares How the Natural World Led Him to God

Dr. Yufeng Zhao, Corban University’s new Assistant Professor of Physics, grew up in atheist China. He remembers learning Darwinism and Marxism as absolute truth. Growing up, he learned that the material world was the highest—and only—reality. Little did he know that the natural, material world would one day serve as the first signpost pointing him to Christ.

August 13, 2018

Stepping Into a Kenyan Classroom: Dr. Kristin Dixon Expands Her Student’s Worldview

This past May, Dr. Kristin Dixon returned from Nairobi, Kenya, along with education faculty Dr. Jennifer Kleiber and Corban education students Mary, Lily, Jessica, and Tenille.
The purpose of the trip had been two-fold: students were given the opportunity to observe and teach alongside national Kenyan teachers, while faculty spent time observing teachers to support and encourage them.

January 8, 2018

Faculty Feature: Dr. Christina Cooper Publishes Research in AERA Open

How do men and women become interested in STEM fields, and what makes them stay?
Dr. Christina Cooper, Assistant Professor of Biology at Corban University, explored this question and more in research she co-authored with Dr. Adam V. Maltese of Indiana University: “STEM Pathways: Do Men and Women Differ in Why They Enter and Exit?”