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Corban University

World Outreach Week

October 7-11, 2019


World Outreach Week (WOW) celebrates the work God is doing through missions throughout the world. Each October, missionaries from a variety of agencies come to Corban to participate with students, faculty, and staff in this visible expression of the vision and character of our university.

  • WOW provides the privilege to think deeply about the spread of the Gospel and to praise God for the growing maturity of believers.
  • It is an opportunity to be inspired by godly men and women, to spend time with them and to learn from them.
  • Finally, WOW challenges us to consider how our strengths, weaknesses, talents, interests, and availability may be used by God in His work, for His glory, around the world.

The WOW program includes inspiring chapel speakers, mini “pop-up” conversations with representatives of many mission organizations, special evening talks in the dorms, classroom visitors, and international decor around campus.

View the full list of mission agencies and bios of the missionaries who will be at WOW 2019.

Join in by participating in any or all of these WOW events:

Monday Chapel: “Building Bridges…and Using Them”


Middle Eastern expert and author

Peter has extensive Middle East experience with a focus on Sociolinguistics, Linguistics, Translation, Intercultural Training and Foreign Languages. He spent 11 years in the Middle East, and for the past 18 years has been working as a translation consultant. Due to the ever-increasing number of Middle East refugees arriving in Canada, in recent years Peter has been putting on seminars and workshops to help build bridges of understanding between the West and the Middle East.

Wednesday Chapel: “Are We There Yet?”

Scott and Ruthie Clark

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Scott and Ruthie Clark started their work in Cameroon in 1986 where they did church planting among the Fulbe/Fulani people with the Cameroon Baptist Convention for 15 years. Realizing the discipleship need for a complete Bible in the Fulbe language, but in the Arabic script, they joined Wycliffe/SIL in 2005. The Bible was completed and dedicated on May 5, 2018.

Scott is now a Scripture Engagement consultant to the unreached peoples in the Sahel area (just South of the Sahara). This area has over 200 million people and more than 225 languages. Only 5 of those languages have the complete Bible.


Spend 15 minutes with missionaries discussing various topics related to missions and service. Pop-ups will take place multiple times throughout the week, and all pop-ups are located at the Klatch (unless otherwise noted).

Click here for the complete pop-up schedule.

Evening Events

Learn more about what God is doing through mission work and how you can be part of it in these 2-hour sessions focused on specific mission-related topics.

Evening events are led by missionaries and Corban faculty Monday-Thursday evenings, from 7:00pm-9:00pm.

Click here to see the full schedule of topics and locations.

Half-Day Events

Friday, October 11th

Ready to dive in deeper? These half-day events give you the opportunity to participate in cross-cultural ministry right here in Oregon, immerse yourself in the world of missions, and draw close to the Lord.

Check out the list of events here, or go directly to VOMO to register for events and find the most up-to-date time and location information.