Our hearts are heavy from the turmoil at the U.S. Capitol. Our country is roiling in the throes of unrest and suspicion as a result of a contentious election. At Corban, we firmly believe in the right of citizens to express their concerns and to protest. We also believe that those protests must be lawful, peaceful, and respectful. The activity in Washington, D.C., did not remain peaceful, and we mourn the loss of life that has accompanied the demonstrations.

Corban University, as a community of believers, is committed to following the admonition of Scripture to be subject to governing authorities and, in the case of our constitutional process, to support the peaceful transition of power in the political process (Romans 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:13-17). We are committed to the reality that our trust is not in which political party is in control or who sits as the President of the United States. Our trust is in the Lord. He is the sovereign God of all life. Let us find our hope in Him.