Megan Boes

Assistant Professor of Mathematics



  • M.S. Mathematics, Syracuse University
  • B.S. Secondary Education, Bloomsburg University
  • B.A. Mathematics, Bloomsburg University


Megan Boes conducted graph theory research at California State University, San Bernardino, and Bloomsburg before further her education at Syracuse. She has taught at Western Oregon University and College of Micronesia, National Campus, and loved the adventure of living in a different culture.

She has experience teaching developmental math through multivariable calculus. Her special interests lie in combinatorics and graph theory, which grow from discrete math.


Megan is Married to Andrew and is the proud mama of three energetic elementary-aged boys (Chase, Austin, and Donald). “As a family, we bike, ski, and camp together. I also love to run and everything outside.”

Why Corban

“I view math as a language used to describe and understand our natural world, both tangibly and abstractly. When we follow its logic, we often find ourselves with breathtaking supernatural results. I like to share this logical language lens with students, and watch how they use it.”