Dr. Lisa Koslicki

Adjunct Faculty



  • Doctor of Physical Therapy – George Fox University
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Health, with a Health and Wellness Concentration – Eastern Oregon University
  • Bible certificate – Ecola Bible School


Dr. Koslicki specializes in orthopedic physical therapy, with additional training in vestibular therapy and Mulligan Concept manual therapy technique. As a physical therapist, Dr. Koslicki specializes in the field of kinesiology, including biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, and evaluation (including diagnosis) and treatment of various body systems (particularly musculoskeletal and neurological systems).

She worked in the field of physical therapy since 2012 and has successfully treated thousands of patients, facilitating their return to activities of daily living, sports, and recreational activities; reduced their risk of injury or general decline; and helped them regain hope and gratefulness for their renewed physical function. Dr. Koslicki has also enjoyed multiple opportunities to provide staff and community education on a variety of physical therapy special interest topics.


Lisa grew up on the Oregon coast and loves living near the water. She and her husband recently moved to Pennsylvania as he pursues his career associate professor at Penn State University, specializing in metagenomics and bioinformatics. Lisa says, “We love working in our yard and are excited to put in a garden, love playing and hiking with our collie mix (Rea), and love exploring new flavors and recipes for various ethnic foods. As opportunity allows, we love traveling and discovering the beautiful natural and cultural wonders of our nation and world.”

Why Corban

“I have always loved relaying the love and wonder of the physical therapy field to future colleagues, and am so excited with the opportunity to do that professing the name of our Lord who gave me the opportunity and designed my path to such an incredible field! There’s nothing better than being strategically placed in someone’s life with skills they need when they are hurting and you can help.”