Dr. Gregory V. Trull

Professor of Biblical Studies and Preaching
Dean of the School of Ministry




  • B.A. Ministry – Independent Baptist College
  • B.S. Education – Dallas Baptist University
  • Th.M. Christian Education – Dallas Theological Seminary
  • M.A. Old Testament – Western Seminary
  • Ph.D. Biblical Studies – Dallas Theological Seminary


Dr. Trull teaches Old Testament, Bible interpretation, and homiletics and serves as Dean of the School of Ministry. He co-leads study tours to Israel and Egypt with Dr. Tim Anderson and leads Corban’s Africa Training Partnership, a Bible certificate program for pastors in Cameroon, West Africa.

He is the senior pastor of Valley Baptist Church in Perrydale, Oregon, where he has served since 1992. Before beginning his teaching career at Corban in 1991, he worked as an associate pastor and church planter.

Dr. Trull is the author of Journeying with God: A Survey of the Old Testament (2008) and more than 15 articles and presentations published by Bibliotheca Sacra, Church Executive, Bible Study Magazine, the Evangelical Theological Society, and more. He has served as President and Vice President of the Northwest Evangelical Theological Society.


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Greg married his wife, Tiffany, in 1991, and they have three children: Bradley, Bailey and Bethany. He loves the outdoors: camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, and cycling. He’s also a hardcore Dallas Cowboys fan.

Why Corban

“Jesus spent three years with 12 students, one of whom flunked out. The remaining 11 changed the world. We spend four years with a few hundred students who also change the world. There’s no better investment of my life.”