Corban University is proud to announce that this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award is Jenni (Marken) Burke (’04).  

Jenni is the owner and CEO of Illuminate Literary Agency, a premier literary agency with a reputation for elevating the publishing careers of emerging leaders and national bestselling authors in diverse fields, from Christian living and spiritual growth to lifestyle and relationships. Under Jenni’s leadership, Illuminate is helping readers across the nation, and the world, encounter God’s truth through faithfully written and produced Christian books.  

Since 2007, Illuminate Literary Agency has sold more than 3 million books. “In the midst of a tidal wave of departure from biblical teaching, we are continually committed to upholding solid biblical messages that shine a light on God’s truth and point people to Jesus,” Burke says.  

Jenni is motivated by the concept of “author stewardship,” which plays a signature and foundational role in her agency’s work. “We get to make sure that our authors are being supported in a way that helps them increase their impact while remaining connected and thriving in Christ,” she says. “Serving behind the scenes to help Christian authors light up the world with their words is a God-given vocation for me—not only a job but a ministry and a joy.” For Jenni and her husband Seth (‘04), their time at the University was foundational. “It has shaped our trajectory both individually and as a couple,” she says. “Corban’s mission became a north star for us. It is humbling to know that people at Corban feel that, in some way, I am reflective of that mission.”